Grizzly bears grizzly bears walking alone in thick fog in Alaska National Park, Ranger says.


When a hiker was walking alone in Alaska National Park, he was walking in thick fog. Grizzly and its Cubs charged him, Said a park official.

A 55-year-old man from Indiana was hiking alone in Denali National Park and Preservation on Tuesday, with grizzly bears attacking him from about 100 feet away, park officials said.

The man deployed a bear spray, but the bear had already defeated him. According to the Rangers, he had multiple puncture wounds on his left side, including calves, ribs, and shoulders.

The bear fled after the attack, and tourists walked back to the park’s visitor center for about a mile and a half. He saw a fixed-route bus in the park, where he found someone who could give him first aid.

“Medical personnel on vacation in the park took first aid while the bus driver informed the bus dispatch office of the need for an ambulance,” park officials said in a news release. Said in. “Visitors were taken out of the park by a park ranger via an ambulance.”

The man was taken to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital and was in a stable condition. Park officials did not identify hikers.

Park officials are not planning to find the bears involved in the attack.

“Due to the apparent defensive nature of this attack, we have no plans to find a bear involved,” the Rangers said. “Female bears with Cubs naturally protect young bears, especially when they are surprised. There are no signs that this bear is unusually dangerous.”

Most Encounter with a bear Do not involve conflict, and bears are usually looking for food sources or protecting their youth.

People who recreation outdoors in the area of ​​bears should always carry a bear spray, know how to use it, secure food and keep a safe distance from wildlife.

at least 300 grizzly bears According to the National Parks Authority, call the north side of the Alaska Range their home.

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