Grizzly bears have been charged with cubs by a man running on the Idahot Trail, officials say

The man was running on the eastern Aidaho trail when he came Face to face with grizzly bear Said her child, an official.

According to Idaho Fish and Games, grizzly bears charged a man running near an island park in the Kilgore region on Friday.

When the grizzly attacked the man, he lay down on the ground to protect himself. The grizzly then hit the man several times and ran away.

“The man was injured in the attack, but he was able to return to the cabin where he was staying and call 911,” officials said in a news release. “His injury was not life-threatening.”

Authorities have closed the area and are investigating the case. The unnamed man sought medical care at Madison Memorial Hospital in Rexberg. The exact injury of the runner has not been revealed.

Playing dead is not usually the way to stay Safe during bear attack, According to wildlife experts.

Here’s what to do if you’re hit by a grizzly bear.It worked for this guy in East Aidaho

According to the National Park Service, people who come face-to-face with bears should not make sudden movements or lie down. If you run away, the bear’s instinct may chase after you. Climbing a tree is not a good idea, as bears can climb quickly.

It’s best to walk away slowly, keep a distance between yourself and the bear, and pull a bear spray to get ready for use.

Bears usually show signs that you are invading the space, but hikers and campers need to know what to do from there.

“If a bear clenches its teeth, sticks out its lips, huffs, wefts, or hits the ground with its feet, it warns you that you’re too close and tense,” said the National Park Service. .. “Is the bear nervous? Pay attention to this warning and walk away slowly.”

There have been several grizzly bear attacks so far this year. On Tuesday, a Californian woman was pulled from her tent and killed during a grizzly attack in Montana.

In Yellowstone Grizzly Charge Ranger On the same day, the hiker was seriously injured by a grizzly bear.Hiker I came face-to-face with two bears While walking alone on the trail. This is the first time a bear has injured someone in the park, according to Yellowstone officials.

At the beginning of May Grizzly ran towards a woman He stood at the bear’s feet and looked like he was taking pictures and videos on his cell phone. Park staff are investigating the case.

A grizzly bear, believed to be the same bear that pulled the camper out of the tent, was killed, Montana police say.

According to Alaskan officials, the bear bites the hiker in his arm and then chases the river.

Tourists fed grizzly bears from cars in Grand Teton – and bears had to move

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