Grizzly bears hit the head of grizzly bears in a national forest near Yellowstone, officials say

A Grizzly bears hit hiker Near the Bakers Hole Campground in West Yellowstone, Montana, according to the Gallatin County Sheriff Search and Rescue Team.

Authorities went off the trail after searching for hikers unidentified by police for at least 50 minutes on Thursday. Grizzly bears caused serious injuries to hikers’ heads and faces, officials said.

The search and rescue team used a toboggan to take the injured hiker to a snowmobile. From there, the hiker was taken to the Eastern Idaho Community Medical Center for treatment.

The sheriff’s search and rescue team did not reveal where the hiker came from or what the hiker was in.

Officials from the Forest Department, Montanafish, and Wildlife and Parks were investigating the attack and they were unaware of what caused it.

Due to molding, authorities closed some Custer Gallatin National Forest System From the border towns of West Yellowstone to the park, forest officials said on Facebook.

This area is “Bear country, “According to the US Forest Service. Hikers need to be aware of their surroundings, make a lot of noise, and hike in groups when possible.

You also need to be aware of the bear’s footprints and stay away from them.

“Remember, now is the time to be honest in the backcountry,” officials said. “Bears are out of hibernation and looking for food.”

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