GSK Acquires $ 1.25 billion to Settle Gilead and HIV Drug List

GlaxoSmithKline in the UK will receive $ 1.25 billion from Gilead Sciences as part of a settlement between the HIV Pharmaceuticals division and a US-based pharmaceutical company to end a long-standing patent dispute.

The settlement announced by GSK on Tuesday is related to Gilead’s antiretroviral drug Victorby, which is used to check for the virus that causes AIDS.

HIV drugs developed by ViiV, which is also a small investment by Pfizer and Shionogi of Japan, are ready to spin off the consumer healthcare sector, so GSK plans to support the delayed drug business. Is the main part of.

Payments will be made in the first quarter of this year, according to London-listed GSK. Gilead will also pay a royalty of 3% until 2027 for the sale of Biktarvy and future sales of products containing its ingredients in the United States.

Gilead’s fourth-quarter earnings on Tuesday weighed heavily on the settlement as profits fell short of market expectations.

GSK’s share price rose 0.7% by Wednesday 0821 GMT to 1,656p, while Gilead fell 3.6% on Tuesday.

Gilead’s Victorby, which combines three HIV drugs in one tablet daily, is GSK’s ViiV’s biggest competitive challenge and one of Gilead’s best-selling treatments, the US market in 2021. Brought in sales of $ 7.05 billion from.

According to Jeffreys analysts, Biktarvy’s cumulative sales in the U.S. by 2027 are estimated to be about $ 50 billion, with a loyalty value of about $ 1.5 billion ($ 2 billion) for the entire ViiV. I’m adding.

Gileade is a leading supplier of HIV treatment, but GSK has its advantage by focusing on longer-term treatments such as the two-drug regimen Dove to reduce the number of drugs patients have to take. I have been working on the challenge.

On Tuesday, U.S. regulators expanded the use of bimonthly cabotegravir injections of ViiV, virologically suppressed HIV that was not resistant to pretreatment failure or cabotegravir or rilpivirine. Including adults.

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