Guards kill people with a knife at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego


San Diego (AP) — On Friday, guards shot and killed a knife-wielder. San Diego Marine Recruit Depot, The authorities said.

According to San Diego police, the shooting took place around noon.

The car tried to enter Depot According to a statement from the depot quoted by, warned to stop via Gate 5 checkpoint and security guards KGTV-TV.

The driver then went out and approached with a knife “and hostilely,” the statement said.

“After some warnings, the individual was shot by base personnel,” and died on the scene, the statement said.

Other details were not announced immediately.

The shooting was on federal property and is being investigated by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

Depot It is near San Diego International Airport. Gate 5 is used for visitors. There is a security kiosk under the metal awning.

KSWB-TV report An SUV with an open door was seen in one of the visitors’ lanes, and a tarpaulin-covered body lay a short distance under the gate awning.

The Marine Recruit Depot, which trains recruits primarily from the west of the Mississippi River, handles tens of thousands of recruits each year. The depot will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year.