‘guess what? ‘Stephen Colbert Has News Of ‘Divorced’ Satan Marjorie Taylor Green

Stephen Colbert I have found some glaring flaws in the “national divorce” plan being pushed by a far-right conspiracy theorist congressman. marjorie taylor green (R-Ga.).

Green, a close ally of the Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (Republican California) wants to separate the blue and red states. She claimed she wanted a civil war “for the last time,” but warned that she was “going in that direction.”

“Because you are pushing it in that direction!” Colbert counterattacked. “You are the main spokesperson for the civil war. This is like Sir Mix-a-Lot saying, ‘The last thing my anaconda wants is bread, but it’s going in that direction.’ is.”

last year’s green Spoken at a white supremacist eventalso wants red states to be able to block votes if Democrats move there.

“What do you think?” she said. “Maybe I won’t be able to vote for five years.”

“What do you think?” Colbert replied. “First of all, it’s the most unconstitutional idea I’ve ever heard. Second, how do you identify Democratic voters?” NPR’s tote bags lined up… Hmmm gluten free muffins 11 o’clock gluten free muffins move move!

See more in his Wednesday night monologue.