Guilfoyle’s email explaining Cheney’s pre-January.6 Supports for Trump World

It reads like a time capsule from an alternative universe: praise Kimberly Guilfoy, an insider of Trump World holding a card, and Congressman Liz Cheney who helped the former president re-election.

In a previously unreported email obtained by POLITICO, Gilfoil (former Fox News host is currently involved with Donald Trump’s eldest son) told Republicans in Wyoming that Trump was a “co-captain of Congress.” Thank you for supporting the 2020 bid and asked her to do more.

“First of all, I am deeply grateful for the $ 10,000 donation to DJTFP and the continued support for the President,” said Gilfoil, then National Chairman of the Trump Victory Finance Committee, on April 30. I wrote a letter to. , 2020. “I apologize for not being able to join the call between you and RNC Co-Chair Tommy Hicks yesterday. Feel free to contact me if you need anything.”

A year after that memo, Chainy’s accusations of Trump’s handling of his losses would drive her out of Republican leaders and give her persona non grata to many of her parties. In retrospect, Gilfoil’s exaggerated memo highlights how Trump’s opposition can quickly and dramatically transform a prestigious conservative from a power broker to an apostate.

A Chainy spokesman declined to comment. Gilfoil’s lawyer, who was interviewed in a closed room by a special committee investigating the January 6 parliamentary attack, did not respond to a request for comment.

Gilfoil’s email to Chainy continued to explain the Republican’s duty as “Parliamentary Co-Captain” of the Trump Victory Finance Committee. The entity was part of the Trump Campaign, the Republican National Committee, and the Joint Fundraising Committee, which consists of Parties.

“Thanks to President Trump’s great support and leadership and respect among his Republican colleagues, you have been chosen for this role,” Gilfoil told Chainy. “Your involvement in the TVFC program is important to ensure that the president has the resources he needs to win in November.”

Next, Gilfoil elaborated on the mission of the co-captain of Parliament. It wasn’t just symbolic. By August 2020, Chainy and other co-captains had to raise $ 60,000 for Trump’s reelection bid. Chaney also oversees Trump outreach to parliamentary republicans in Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and her home state. I took on a mission.

Gilfoil also said Chainy is expected to provide monthly progress updates to top campaign brass, including Gilfoil, campaign manager Brad Perskull, and Trump himself.

While Chainy supported Trump’s reelection, she later resolutely confronted his efforts to reverse his defeat, as Gilfoil’s email emphasized. A few days before Congress approved the elections’ vote on January 6, 2021, she sent a note to Republicans warning of attempts to oppose the outcome of a particular state.

“Such an objection sets a very dangerous precedent and threatens to steal the state’s explicit constitutional responsibility to elect the president and give it to Congress instead,” she said. I wrote in a memoDated January 3, 2021.

“This is in direct conflict with the clear text of the Constitution and our basic beliefs as Republicans,” Chainy continued. “Democrats have long unconstitutionally attempted to federate all elements of our country, including elections. Republicans should not accept Democrats’ unconstitutional position on these issues.”

At that time, Chainy was the chair of the House Republican Conference and the third leading post. However, her appeal was of limited success. 147 Republicans voted to eventually challenge the election slate from at least one state, even after the deadly parliamentary riots by Trump supporters.

Even before the siege on January 6, she had acquired a powerful enemy on her own. He picked out Chainy in his speech at the Ellipse Rally prior to the attack.

“We needed to get rid of the world’s Liz Cheney, weak and useless members,” said the then president.

According to The Washington Post, she learned about the comments when her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, called her in real time and spoke to her. After she evacuated from the house floor, she called Fox News, accused Trump, and instigated a mob, she said.

“He set the flames on fire,” she told the network.

Meanwhile, Gilfoil made a brief statement at the same January 6 rally where Trump blamed Chainy. And according to Congressman Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif), a member of the Parliamentary Riot Special Committee. She was paid $ 60,000 for its look.

Gilfoil I met later In a closed room on the special committee — almost two years after she sent an email to Chainy to thank her for helping Trump’s reelection campaign.

In May 2021, a Republican colleague in Chainy kicked her out of leadership. Nancy Pelosi speaker put her on the selection committee on January 6th, two months later.

Chainy’s opposition to Trump may end her career in house, along with her efforts to investigate his role in the January 6 violence.

A recent poll by Trump pollster Tony Fabrizio against Harriet Hagueman’s Super PAC, her main enemy of Trump’s support, showed a hurt snapshot. .. First reported by NBC News poll.

Chinese First TV ad In her reelection race, she advertised her support for the Wyoming oil and gas industry and her opposition to “non-free regulation” against farmers and ranchers.

“She has the courage to do the right thing and confront the bully,” said a supporter identified as Cheyenne’s Jack.