Gun fired in washroom during altercation at Toronto high school, police say

A gunshot was fired in a bathroom after a brawl involving six people at a Toronto high school on January 12, police said.

The incident, in which an outreach worker was slightly injured while trying to stop a fight, occurred around 1:10 p.m. at East York Alternative Secondary School.

The school was closed after the incident, but lifted by evening. Students are allowed to leave school, Said Toronto Police Service Deputy Inspector Jason Albanese, who was at the scene.

Inspectors confirmed that one bullet had been fired from the firearm.

“It was fired at the ground, bounced off the wall, and the projectile landed in the worker’s shoe,” he told reporters.

“The outreach worker suffered very minor injuries. [but] He was taken to a local hospital for prophylaxis. ”

Albanese said the six fled before police arrived. They were last seen walking east down Cosburn Avenue, where the school is located.

He added that police were already investigating their identities. I’m just trying to put together a

“We are very lucky”

Albanese said police had not recovered any of the weapons involved in the incident.

“We are very fortunate that no one was seriously injured in this incident, but whenever something like this happens, it is very worrying for the police, the Toronto District Board of Education and the students,” he said. I said.

“Just because someone miraculously survived from further injuries doesn’t mean it’s less of a concern for us.”

About 130 students attend East York Alternative Secondary School in grades 9 through 12, according to Toronto District School Board (TDSB) spokesman Ryan Bird. “I think there were about 60 people in school today.”

Byrd said a member of TDSB’s professional support services team “will be at the school on January 13th for anyone who wants to talk about this.” [incident]”

“We are very happy to see everyone safe and sound after this incident this afternoon.

The shooting is the latest addition to the violent incidents that have occurred at Toronto schools in recent months.

October 31, 18 years old Jefferson Peter Shardery Guerrier He was found dead after being shot outside the Woburn Collegiate Institute in Scarborough. Another of his 15-year-old boy was injured.

Canadian Press contributed to this report.

Isaac Theo

Isaac Teo is a Toronto-based reporter for the Epoch Times.