Gun shooting, 3 dead, 6 injured at Florida graduation party

At least three people were killed and six were injured in the graduation shootings. The latest in a series of shootings in the Miami area, The police said on Sunday.

The party ended around 2 am on Sunday at the Strip Mall parking lot just south of Miami-Dade College. One or more vehicles were “pulled and fired at the crowd.” “We’ve started,” Miami-Dade Police director Alfred “Freddie” Ramirez said at a press conference.

The identities of the dead and injured were not announced immediately on Sunday. Two died on the spot and the other died in the hospital, Ramirez said.

The person who died in the hospital was identified by authorities as Tyleisha Taylor, 20, who has been working in a Dade correctional facility since January 2020.

In a statement, Florida Correctional Bureau Secretary Mark Inch said, “I’m shocked to learn that police officer Taylor, a member of the FDC family, was killed in a shooting. I pray with her family to overcome this unimaginable loss. “

“It just shows the seriousness of the gun violence,” Ramirez said at a news conference. “It not only affects the community, it also affects the law enforcement community.”

Two men were killed in a car crash on a wall on their way out of the scene at Miami-Dade University’s Kendal campus. According to Ramirez, the car had at least one gun, but the exact relationship with the firing was unknown.

Violent weekend: More violence is seen in Miami as the search for three armed suspects continues in a mass shooting at a murder concert.

The shooting on Sunday follows last week’s shooting, which killed three people and injured 20. Still unsolved Bloody Memorial Day weekend.

“This violence must be stopped,” Ramirez said. “This is very frustrating. It’s the same every weekend. And we just need to unite together. We do a summer heat operation, get a lot of arrests, a lot of firearms. Seized.

Another shooting in the Winwood area on May 28 killed one person and injured six.

Daniella Levine Cava, mayor of Miami-Dade County, said the latest shooting was “horrifying.”

“We will not allow a small group of violent actors to terrorize our community, and violent criminals will face the burden of law,” she said in a statement on Sunday. ..

“I’m working hard to ensure that Miami-Dade police have all the resources they need to end this gun-based violence cycle and drive violent criminals off the streets to prevent further tragedy. “I have,” she added.

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This article was originally published in USA TODAY. Another mass shooting in Miami killed 3 people, injured 6

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