Gunmen who kidnapped dozens of villagers in northwestern Nigeria

Maiduguri, Nigeria — Police officials and several residents said Saturday that Gunman kidnapped at least 60 people and killed one after sporadically firing motorcycles in five villages in northwestern Nigeria. It was.

Nigeria is fighting an increase in armed robbery and kidnapping for ransom, mainly in the northwest. In the northwest, thinly stretched security forces often fail to prevent kidnapping.

The latest kidnapping took place overnight in Zamfara on Friday, with shooters shooting dead the village mayor, police and councilors in the area said.

Four residents said men armed with Reuters attacked villages in the Sinkafi area, causing panic and kidnapping at least 60 villagers before fleeing to nearby forests.

A gunner, known locally as a bandit and increasingly targeting schools, also fired a rocket that struck the home of a senior district chief of the local parliament, one resident said he asked not to name him. Stated.

“Armed thieves rode more than 70 bikes, each with a weapon and three people on board to destroy property and kidnap people,” said one of the five who were kidnapped but later released. The person Junaidu Badarawa said on the phone.

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