Guto Harri kneels down and quits GB News

GB news screenshots

GB news screenshots

Broadcaster Guto Harri quit GB News after being stopped because he knelt during a discussion about racism against British black soccer players.

Hari confirmed his decision to leave a new channel on BBC Wales on Sunday.

GB News apologized after a TV journalist made a gesture last week, it said. Violated that standard..

On Friday, upcoming presenter and former Ukip leader Nigel Farage said at his new show, “No one will kneel.”

In the BBC’s resignation, Hari told the organization, “Please explain how. [Farage’s stance] I didn’t violate the editorial standards, but I did. “

The BBC is seeking comment on GB News.

“Absurd parody”

writing The Sunday TimesHari, a former BBC correspondent and adviser to Boris Johnson during his time as Mayor of London, said when he joined the new channel, “I liked and trusted the person in charge and supported a broader vision.”

But he declared that GB News was “rapidly becoming a ridiculous parody of what it declared.”

He said he had discussed kneeling with colleagues and bosses before doing so on the air and was not asked to refrain from doing so.

“GB News captured the moment and proudly cascaded it through social media,” he writes. “Watch the five minutes of the channel and you’ll see how presenters are encouraged to speak freely, confront sensitive themes, participate in difficult debates, and make assertions.

Gut Harri

Guto Harri is a former GB News and BBC journalist and former adviser to Boris Johnson during the Mayor of London.

“But what followed was a tsunami of disappointment, resentment, and hatred. Old friends were amused to see me awake and described as a Marxist.

“Whatever nerdy scholars said to you about the Black Lives Matter Society was a simple and bold statement to reject racism. If that’s a problem for channels and governments, it’s It’s a big problem for all of us. “”

His actions caused a backlash and boycott threat from some viewers, urging channel officials to admit that they “disappointed both sides of the debate by oversimplifying a very complex issue.” ..

GB News Chair Andrew Neil The channel says it’s “stepping in”, but beyond that there’s a “great future.”

Meanwhile, another GB News presenter, Alistair Stewart, will stop broadcasting for a while after one of his horses is bolted down and his hip broken.

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