Hackers Attack Websites of Danish Central Bank and Other Banks

COPENHAGEN — Hackers sabotaged access to the websites of the central bank of Denmark and seven private banks in the country this week, according to an IT firm that serves the central bank and industry.

The central bank and the website of Bankdata, a company that develops IT solutions for the financial industry, were hit with a so-called distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. This attempts to direct traffic to the targeted servers and take them offline.

A central bank spokeswoman said the website was functioning normally on Tuesday afternoon and the attack did not affect the bank’s other systems or daily operations.

Access to the websites of seven commercial banks was temporarily restricted on Tuesday after a DDoS attack on Bankdata, a company spokesperson said.

The banks included two of Denmark’s biggest banks, Jyske Bank and Sydbank, he said.

Sidbank confirmed on its Facebook page that access to its website was restricted on Tuesday. A Jyske spokesperson confirmed Tuesday that some customers were experiencing problems accessing her website.