Haiti was hit by an earthquake.In South Florida, we now know what to do

This time, the earthquake that hit Haiti was offshore. A little comfort for the Haiti people who are still — not yet — Recovery from the devastating 2010 earthquake that killed at least 220,000 people.

At least 29 people died on Saturday. Injuries and damage are still being assessed, especially in Les Angles, where the Catholic Cathedral was demolished along with many homes, and in Les Cayes’ most devastated cities on the coast.

Here in South Florida, we know what to do. I did it after the Haiti earthquake 11 years ago. And again, after Hurricane Dorian almost wiped out the islands of the Bahamas in 2019. We did that recently when the Champlan South Tower collapsed on the surfside.

We ask: “How can we help?” And that’s our job. A Miami-based medical team has begun. We donate to trusted organizations that promise to act correctly for donors and poor recipients. Donate the basics to food banks and other groups and provide them where you need them most.

Of course, there are many things in Haiti that go beyond our control. The quake follows the assassination of President Jovenel Moise. That’s because armed gangsters continue to terrorize Haitians. Is it too much that they want to put down their weapons and not abuse the pain of their compatriots further? Long-promised elections, already compromised by national political and civil unrest, are unlikely and should not happen soon.

Growing Fred Rogers may seem like a strange time — the beloved “Mr. Rogers on TV.” But now it’s appropriate. He once said in an interview: “When I was a boy, when I saw something scary in the news, my mother told me:” Look for a helper. You will always find someone to help you. “” “”

In South Florida, it was always obvious: helpers are here. Let’s participate.