Haitians post scenes of devastation, despair and hope on social media after the 7.2 quake


Reuters video

Earthquake kills hundreds in Haiti

At least 227 people were killed, hundreds were injured or missing, and churches, hotels and homes were rubble after a major earthquake in southwestern Haiti on Saturday, officials said. A series of aftershocks occurred following a magnitude 7.2 quake. 5 According to the U.S. Geological Survey, a magnitude of 7 11 years ago, a few miles away from the town of Petit tor de Nippes (deep). The quake could be bigger and shallower than the quake that killed tens of thousands of people in the poorest countries in the Americas. It occurred around 8:30 am local time and struck Port-au-Prince, far from the capital. According to Reuters witnesses, it felt strong there, but it didn’t seem to have caused much damage, so it would be less dead than the 2010 catastrophic disaster. Still, Port-au-Prince was flooded with traumatic residents from the 2010 earthquake. Prime Minister Ariel Henry has announced a month-long state of emergency. This is the latest tragedy that struck a poor country in the Caribbean, more than a month after the assassination of President Jobnell. Moise, which was ruled by a cabinet order, deepened the political turmoil of the country. Meanwhile, Haiti’s Swath is increasingly hungry and medical services are overwhelmed by COVID-19. Road access to the quake-stricken southern region is restricted by gang control in major regions, raising questions about how aid is provided.