Haiti’s assassinated presidential widow returns to the country wearing her arms in a sling and bulletproof vest

Haiti President Jobenel Moise

Haiti’s President Jobener Moise will be seen with his wife in Tedeum on February 7, 2017, at the inauguration ceremony at the National Palace in Port-au-Prince. Hector Retamaru via Getty Images / AFP

  • Martine Moise, wife of Haiti’s assassinated president, has returned to the Caribbean.

  • She was filmed Saturday at Port-au-Prince Airport wearing an arm sling and bulletproof vest.

  • Moise returned to the country next week to prepare for her husband’s funeral, officials said.

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Martine Moise’s wife Haiti’s assassinated presidentAfter being treated in Florida, he returned to the Caribbean on Saturday.

The widow was photographed arriving at Port-au-Prince Airport with a bodyguard, wearing an arm sling and bulletproof vest. She was greeted by Haiti’s interim Prime Minister, Claude Joseph, and other senior officials.

Moise was with her husband, Jobner Moise, on July 7, when a group of assassins broke into a private residence and killed him. She survived the attack but had to be taken to a hospital in Miami, Florida for treatment.

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By tweetHaiti officials said Moise had returned to the country to prepare for her husband’s funeral.

Her arrival was unannounced and surprised many in more than 11 million poor countries. Still upset from the assassination.

Last week, Moise spoke for the first time from a hospital bed. Voice message When I posted it on Twitter, the attack happened so quickly that my husband couldn’t. “Tell me a word”

“In a blink of an eye, a mercenary entered my house and filled my husband with bullets,” Moise said. According to the BBC.

Earlier this week She tweeted: “Pain will never pass.”

It is still unknown who was behind the attack.Haiti police Pointed out earlier What it said was a group of assassins, including 26 Colombians and two Haitian Americans.

Eighteen of those Colombians were detained. Three people were killed by police, And the five were still on the run, police said. According to Reuters..

This week, police detained Jovenel Moïse, the chief of security. This is the decision “come from above”. Reported by CNN..

Jovenel Moïse’s funeral is scheduled for next week.

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