Haley says she supports Trump and will stop when he runs in 2024

South Carolina Orangeberg (AP) — Former United States Ambassador to the United States and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, often referred to as a 2024 Republican presidential candidate, said Monday if former President Donald Trump chose to run for the second time. Said he would not seek a party nomination.

“Yes,” Haley said he served in the first half of his administration in that cabinet when asked if he would support Trump’s second bid.

“If President Trump runs, I won’t run, and I’ll tell him about it,” Haley was asked by the Associated Press, whether the possibility of Trump’s bid could hinder her own efforts. Asked. “It will be discussed someday if that decision has to be made.”

Haley spoke on Monday after visiting the South Carolina State University campus. At the HBCU in Orangeburg, current President James E. Clark demonstrated campus improvements, including an improved student center, state-of-the-art cancer research and cybersecurity facilities.

This visit was one of the first public events in months in Haley’s hometown.

Since resigning as Governor of South Carolina and joining the Trump Cabinet in 2016, Haley has continued to strike a delicate balance among Republicans, who in a sense have been heavily divided into former presidents. During his two years at the United Nations, Haley went on to speak to Trump without directly eliciting his anger. She left the office on her own terms in 2018, which was unusual in a wave of staff turmoil.

Haley has made several moves in recent years to fuel speculation that her gaze is on senior officials. 2019, she and her family Return to South Carolina Buy a home in the Kaiwer Island community. She also set up a political action committee, published memoirs, and ordered a $ 200,000 lecture.

The Republicans were already working on the party’s future after Trump’s turbulent term.But after Capitol Hill’s violence when lawmakers gathered to prove Joe Biden’s election victory on January 6, Haley Trump said he was “terribly wrong” He stalked the crowd before the riots and told the audience at the Republican National Committee’s Winter Meeting that Trump’s “actions after the election day will be severely judged by history.”

Haley also said the whole concept was “extremely disappointed” because of its impact on the Trump administration’s legacy, including South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who called it “self-harm” for proximity Trump. Repeated the remarks of the people. “

On Monday, Haley defended her former boss. And he set fire to fellow Republicans, including his own Vice President, last weekend, He said “disappointed” Mike Pence calls Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell a “stone-cold loser.”

“I think former President Trump is always divided,” Haley asked about Mr. Trump’s weekend comments and whether he hurt the Republican Party. The success he achieved in his administration. And I think that’s the unity of Republicans. … every day, Biden and Kamala Harris unite Republicans. “

Going out was Haley’s first public event in her home state in a few months. Among those mentioned as candidates for 2024, just two weeks before Pence, Set to visit South Carolina A gathering with a conservative Christian nonprofit for his first speech.


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