Half of people have Covid antibody and viral deaths at the lowest levels since October

Coronavirus Vaccine Prepared at Salisbury Cathedral-Steve Parsons / Pennsylvania

Coronavirus Vaccine Prepared at Salisbury Cathedral-Steve Parsons / Pennsylvania

Coronavirus article bar with counter

Coronavirus article bar with counter

Currently, half of the people have Covid-19 antibodies, and official figures show that virus deaths are the lowest since October.

Survey results from the National Bureau of Statistics (ONS) on Tuesday Prompted a new call to relax the restrictions, Suggesting that there is widespread immunity from previous infections or previous infections vaccination..

According to the latest figures, about 54.7% of private England households are more likely to test positive for antibodies in the week leading up to March 14, 50.5% in Wales and 49.3% in Northern Ireland.

Regional estimates range from 60% in northwest England to 50.3% in southeast England.

In Scotland, on the other hand, two in five (42.6%) may test positive for antibodies in the week leading up to March 14.

Is the UK on track to reach its vaccination goals?

Is the UK on track to reach its vaccination goals?

ONS figures also show that the number of weekly registered deaths involving coronaviruses in England and Wales fell below 1,000. Lowest level since October, The figure shows.

963 deaths were registered in England and Wales during the week leading up to March 19, and the death certificate included Covid-19.

The overall death toll fell below the five-year average for the second straight week.

The latest data was welcomed as a “true positive” by the government’s senior scientific adviser on Tuesday.

Professor Peter Openshaw, a member of the emerging Respiratory Virus Threat Advisory Group (Nervtag), said: Immunity from previous infections Very effective in protecting against severe illness.

“People who are re-infected or who get sick after vaccination have virtually no serious illness. Therefore, vaccines are very good at preventing very serious illnesses. This is the most important news. . “

However, he added that new variants of the virus can infect people who have previously been infected or vaccinated.

Steve Baker, head of Parliamentarian Tory Covid Recovery Group, said:

“The prime minister needs to update his model to see if he can move the date forward” at the latest. “

“It’s the only way to really maintain public confidence that we are getting freedom as soon as possible.”

It was after Boris Johnson urged the public to “go cautiously.” Easter weekendThe restrictions were relaxed on Monday, allowing 2 households or groups of up to 6 people to meet outside.

“What we don’t know is the strength of the current fortress, the strength of our defense against another wave,” he said.

More than 30,444,000 people in the UK receive at least the first Covid jab, which is more than half the adult population.

ONS figures also revealed that more than 150,000 people have died from Covid in the UK since the outbreak of the pandemic.

The milestone passed on March 18th, but has just been confirmed due to the time it takes to register the dead.

The total includes all deaths for which Covid-19 is listed on the death certificate, including suspicious cases.

ONS figures give a complete picture of how the Covid-19 pandemic occurred in the United Kingdom.

These are more comprehensive deaths than the government’s daily announcement, which currently totals 126,615, counting only those who died within 28 days of being tested positive for coronavirus.

Of the 150,116 deaths associated with the coronavirus reported by ONS, 55,407 (37 percent) have occurred since the beginning of 2021.

The highest number of deaths on January 19 was 1,469.