Half of Quebec patients are “COVID hospitalized” and “COVID hospitalized”

State data show that half of the COVID-19 patients in Quebec hospitals were hospitalized for reasons other than the illness itself. This figure is in a number of stadiums in Ontario and has been announced by the state’s chief medical officer to be around 45 percent.

In the latest daily update of the COVID-19 situation in Quebec, the State Department of Health Post On January 21st, only half (1,549) of the 3,086 inpatients infected with COVID-19 on January 20th were infected with COVID-19.

Quebec January 11 We have begun to distinguish between patients admitted with COVID-19 and those admitted for other reasons but tested positive for the disease during admission. According to daily updates since January 11, the percentage of people hospitalized for COVID-19 has consistently been 48-50%.

Quebec figures are somewhat consistent with Ontario figures. Dr. Kieran Moore, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer, said at a press conference on January 13 that “about 45%” of Ontario’s COVID-related hospitalizations were “accidental.”

“We know that about 45 percent of hospitalizations are associated with being diagnosed with COVID-19. In the intensive care unit, about 20 percent happens to be positive,” Moore said. Says.

The statistics he provided are January 21, 46% and 18%, respectively, Quebec reported on January 20th the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), where 16% were hospitalized for other reasons.

Other states, such as Alberta and Saskatchewan, have also changed the way they report COVID-related hospitalizations to identify possible accidental cases.

Alberta report Of the 754 COVID-19 non-ICU hospitalizations from January 22nd, January 10th to January 20th, 42% (317) were accidental cases, saying, “The reason why COVID-positive persons were hospitalized. Hospitalization was considered unrelated to their COVID diagnosis. “

The remaining 39% (294) were hospitalized primarily due to COVID-19, 16% (124) were found to be due to COVID-19, and 3% (19) were “undecidable”. It was the case shown.

On the other hand, of the 62 COVID-19 patients admitted to the ICU during that period, Alberta data show that 29% (18) are accidental COVID-19 cases and 53% (33) are primary COVID. He was hospitalized and showed that 16% (10) had COVID. -Contributed to hospitalization and 2 percent (1) were shown to be “undecidable”.

Saskatchewan report There were 192 COVID-19 non-ICU hospitalizations on January 21st. Of these, 46% (88) were hospitalized for COVID-19-related illness, an additional 46% (89) were accidental cases, and 8% (15) were unidentified causes. ..

The state reported 23 hospitalizations for COVID-19 ICU that day. Among them, 65% (15) were COVID-19-related illnesses, 30% (7) were accidental, and only 4% (1) were “unconfirmed”.

Several US states, including Newyork and New Jersey, are also beginning to distinguish between COVID-19 and accidental COVID-19 hospitalizations. Their statistics show a pattern that is somewhat similar to the patterns in the four Canadian states.

New York officials said on January 7 that 43% (4,928) of the 11,548 inpatients in the state infected with COVID-19 did not list COVID-19 as one of the reasons for their admission.

New Jersey officials said on January 10 that of the 6,075 inpatients in the state infected with COVID-19, 49% (2,963) were actually infected with COVID-19.

Isaac Theo


Isaac Teo is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.