“Halo: Infinite” special edition Xbox Series X and controller will arrive on November 15th


Halo Infinite 20


In addition to the release date of “Halo: Infinite” is finally set on December 8, Microsoft today also brought a number of hardware news related to “Halo: Infinite”. The first is to match the launch of “Halo: Infinite” and to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the “Halo” series. Microsoft has brought a limited number of Xbox Series X consoles and Elite Series 2 controller handles. The main unit has a dark metal panel and “iridium” color texture, and there are small dots representing stars on the upper half. There is an iridium gold 20th anniversary commemorative badge on the back of the handle of the main unit, and there will be “Halo”-related themed sound effects when it is turned on and off.

Different from the handles of the same type, there is also a limited commemorative Elite Series 2 controller of “Halo: Infinite”. Its matt metallic green appearance is naturally based on the green armor of the master chief, while the D-pad is a special iridium-gold tone. The controller has its own carrying bag, charging stand and exchangeable components.

Both are now available for pre-order, and will be listed first on November 15. The Elite Series 2 controller is priced at US$200, while the limited edition Xbox Series X is US$550, which is US$50 more expensive than the ordinary Xbox Series X. But of course the limited edition will come with the “Last Round: Infinite” game, but it will not be unlocked until December 8th.

seagate halo game drive


Finally, Microsoft also displayed the “Halo” theme peripheral products launched by friends, including Razer will launch a “Halo” theme Kaira Pro headset, and Seagate will launch a specially designed Game Drive. The latter will be available in October, the 2TB version is priced at US$100, while the 5TB version is US$160.