Hamilton moves to dismiss unvaccinated employees in a call to stop vaccination policy

The city of Hamilton, Ontario, plans to dismiss unvaccinated city officials at the end of May, despite a city council request to discontinue the COVID-19 vaccination policy.

In August 2021, Hamilton’s city council Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Verification PolicyRequires all city officials to submit proof of vaccination by May 31, 2022. Official document About the policy.

During ~ April 27 city council meetingThe council resolved to maintain the policy for the time being.

During the meeting, District 7 councilor Esther Pauls called for the policy to be discontinued. This could result in the dismissal of hundreds of city officials after May 31st.

“The Ontario Resumption Act expired on March 28. This policy is no longer appropriate. Dr. Kieran Moore, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer, has been aggressive in ending vaccination policy since March 1. We, the city council and the city, have been following the state for two and a half years, but now let’s stop following their advice, “Pauls said.

“When will this vaccination policy stop if we do not carry out a vaccine policy validation?” She said. “How many boosters or new vaccines are required by the latest definition of’complete vaccination’? “

Pauls, who said he was vaccinated, received emails and phone calls from locals who were not vaccinated for a variety of reasons, but said he was losing his job and was vaccinated. Encouraged compassion for those who have not been vaccinated.

“I know we have high payment costs, but … let’s not divide the city because of the human side as well as the financial side,” she said.

“Few people in Hamilton have decided not to do so. [be vaccinated].. So save their work and let them have a roof over their heads. “

The city of Hamilton states that about 94% of its employees are fully vaccinated and comply with the policy, and about 500 people could be dismissed from their positions.

Pauls questioned the logic of those who blame 6 percent of the unvaccinated population when the majority of the population is vaccinated.

“Logic shows if there are 100 balls in the box and all but 6 are red. If you put your hand in it and pick up the balls, it will turn red,” she said. .. “That is, the logic is that [six percent] It extends to the city of Hamilton. “

Union to fight policy

On April 28, a union representing Hamilton’s public transport workers said it would fight the policies of the city council. Reported CP24..

“It is irresponsible for the city council to vote to dismiss hard-working employees who have worked at the forefront for the past two years during COVID-19, especially during the unprotected period,” Amalgamated Transit Union Local said. 107 On behalf of workers on the Hamilton Street Railroad, he said in a statement issued on April 28.

“Now reaching this conclusion is rude and completely unfair to all frontline urban and transportation workers who continue to work and serve in this community every day.”

In that statement, ATU Local 107 complains about the policy, stating that the city’s decision could ultimately cost taxpayers “$ 500,000 for unnecessary proceedings.” Said.

“These resources may have been better used to upgrade bus air treatment equipment to better protect both workers and transit riders,” the union said.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.