Hamilton wins British Grand Prix after Verstappen’s crash

Silverstone, England — Lewis Hamilton sent championship leader Max Verstappen to the hospital, overcoming a 10-second penalty and winning the British Grand Prix, groaning from the first lap that rekindled the title defense on Sunday. ..

The seven-time champion won the home track, ran five races without a win, and reduced the gap with Verstappen from 33 points to eight points at the top of the drivers’ championship.

“Did you think we’re back in the title fight? I was hoping for it, but I thought it would be a long slogan to try to regain points,” Hamilton said. “We are approaching now. He still has a lot of points, but the race is going on.”

This season’s title battle was one of the hottest days of the year, a horrifying event in which a crowded Silverstone boiled in front of 140,000 fans, the race flagged red, and Hamilton was penalized. Has occurred.

And 23-year-old Verstappen smoking at a hospital in Coventry.

“It’s okay. I was very disappointed to be taken out like this,” Verstappen posted on Twitter. “The penalties given do not help us and do not justify the dangerous movement that Lewis got into orbit.

“It’s rude and contrary to sportsmanship to see a celebration while in the hospital, but we move on.”

Verstappen was discharged “without serious injury” late Sunday, his Red Bull team said.

Lewis Hamilton British GP
Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton (left) and Red Bull driver Max Verstappen (Netherlands) will line up at the start of the British Grand Prix at the Silverstone Circuit in Silverstone, England on July 18. , 2021. (John Super / AP photo)

Hamilton dropped from 2nd to 5th due to a penalty, but when he returned to the track he quickly picked up two spots and Valtteri Bottas was ordered to stay out of the way of his Mercedes teammates.

This allowed Hamilton to run 11 laps to chase Ferrari leader Charles Leclerc, winning the same corner with Verstappen with two laps remaining. The British driver was backed by passionate home fans for his eighth career win at Silverstone.

“What a wonderful job. Thank you for continuing to push this year. I’m very inspired by you. It’s a long way to go, but I believe in you,” Hamilton told Team Radio in the UK. I ran the victory lap while waving the flag.

Then he climbed the rails, waving a flag to his beloved crowd and running towards the stand.

Verstappen crashed from the race after colliding with Hamilton, and the Dutch spun hard on the barrier with a shock recorded at 51G.

“In the case of Max, he’s very aggressive, and today I was completely by his side and didn’t have enough space,” Hamilton said after the race.

The race was flagged red to allow repair of the tire barrier. Verstappen was wobbling when getting out of the car, first seen at Silverstone Medical Center, but then taken to a local hospital for further evaluation.

“He’s the (Hamilton) World Champion. He shouldn’t do that. It’s unacceptable,” said Christian Horner, principal of the Red Bull team. “I hope Lewis is very happy with himself … I’m very disappointed that his caliber driver needs to make such a move. It’s dangerous. Desperately Seen. And he thankfully put an intact competitor in the hospital. For me, it’s an empty victory. “

Verstappen defeated Hamilton at Silverstone for the second straight day, and the two title candidates fought fiercely in a zigzag position. The driver touched at least twice as Hamilton tried to slip through Verstappen and take the lead.

Hamilton’s front wheels touched Verstappen’s rear wheels on the second contact with the driver, and Red Bull went off course through gravel into the tire barrier. Verstappen’s car tires bounced off the car during a spin.

Leclerc took over the lead and Mercedes boss Toto Wolff sprinted into race control to oppose the driver’s penalty. Hamilton told his Mercedes team that the corner position was hiss and he would not be held responsible.

“I was there before I was there, man,” Hamilton said on the radio. “I was completely by his side, my line. Yeah, he turned me on, guy.”

After a 45-minute delay, Leclerc overtook him shortly after the collision with Verstappen, and the race resumed in Hamilton from 2nd place.

Hamilton was then hit with a 10 second penalty and served at the pit stop on lap 27, lap 52. This put him in fourth place behind Lando Norris, Bottas, and Leclerc’s 12-second drift.

After Hamilton passed Norris on lap 31, Bottas was handed over to Mercedes. The World Champion then narrowed the gap to just 1.5 seconds and ran four laps to embark on Leclerc hunting.

On lap 52 and lap 50, Hamilton placed Mercedes inside Leclerc’s Ferrari via Cocopse and then retreated, but Monaco ran a lot and Hamilton took the lead.

He crossed the line 3.8 seconds away from Leclerc, Bottas took the podium and Norris finished fourth.

Leclerc has made the best finish since finishing second in the opening round in Austria in 2020 and taking the first podium since third at Silverstone last year.

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