Hang Parliament Benefits Authoritarian System: Australian Parliamentarians Warn

The hung parliament will cause divisions and give Australia’s enemy Tim Wilson an advantage, Goldstein’s parliamentarians warned.

“Authoritarian governments want our country to be inward, so they can move their interests forward. We are distracted and hung parliament. While the MP offers just that distraction. ”MP Video published on social media..

“Some candidates want a hung parliament to empower them. Australia can’t afford the weaknesses and divisions of a hung parliament right now.”

Wilson said, “WolverineA cross-party group of parliamentarians aiming to oppose Beijing’s influence in Australia, speaking out about the threat of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

This name comes from the 1984 movie “Red Dawn”. In this movie, an American high school group protected the town from the Soviet invasion.

Epoch Times Photo
MP Tim Wilson speaks with Reserve Bank Governor Philip Row at the House of Representatives Economic Committee in Canberra, Australia, on February 7, 2020. (Tracey Nearmy / Getty Images)

The incumbent Central Right coalition has built a strong stance towards Beijing in the campaign, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Defense Minister Peter Dutton have repeatedly argued that the Labor Party on the left is vulnerable to the Communist Party.

Federal Nationalist Party leader Barnaby Joyce

A possible result of the federal elections scheduled for May 21 is the hang of Congress. In this parliament, a majority cannot be achieved for a political party to fully govern (the party must win 76 seats). Minor political parties or independence to cross the benchmark to win the government.

The hung parliament has only occurred once in Australia since World War II. In 2010, both coalitions and labor won 72 seats, four votes below the majority of governments. After trade union leader Julia Gillard made a deal with four crossbenchers, she took another 17 days to get enough support.

“A hung parliament will lose its strength and undermine decision-making,” Wilson said. “Global economic risks are real and they are already affecting living costs and interest rates. Without a strong economy, we cannot provide the basic services that Australians depend on, so be cautious. We need a government with a responsible instinct. “

Epoch Times Sydney Staff