Harris’ approval goes down further, but most say she will replace Biden

Vice President Kamala Harris is not considered by the majority to be eligible to become President, but expects to replace President Joe Biden before the end of his term.

In the latest survey showing her decline in popularity, Rasmussen Report Only 43% believe she is eligible to run the country, while 55% say she does not believe she is eligible. Of these, 47% of potential voters say she is “not qualified at all.”

These poor numbers are probably due to the bad “impression” she left in the country as she failed to resolve the border crisis and pass free election reforms in Congress. Despite several reports of staff conflicts and former Afghan women’s champions, she was silent on the radio during the Afghan crisis.

Rasmussen asked voters what they thought of the first black and female vice presidents. They are almost overwhelmed. Opinion polls said they were at a disadvantage to former California Democratic senators by a margin of 56% to 41%.

But Biden’s resignation does not stop her from being promoted. His recent failures in Afghanistan and his stupid public comments have brought about a wave of new reports that he is leaving the White House early.

When asked about the likelihood that Biden would leave and be replaced by Harris before the 2024 election, 51% said it was likely and 37% said it wasn’t.

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Original author: Paul Bedard

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