Harris replaces Chief of Staff in the latest VP office shakeup

Washington (AP) —Vice President Kamala Harris has appointed Lorraine Voles as her new Chief of Staff and has replaced Tina Furnoy, who is leaving the administration, in a recent shakeup at her office, White House. Said.

Voles was brought to Harris’ office by Fluornoy last summer as the Vice President faced negative headlines and staff layoffs. She was Vice President of Communication Director Al Gore and an advisor to Sen at the time. Hillary Clinton in 2008.

In a statement, Harris praised Furnoi for his retirement and called her “a valuable adviser, confident in me, and a great leader in the office.”

Harris’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Michael Fuchs, will also leave the White House in the coming weeks. Harris’ national security adviser Nancy McEldowney resigned last month, and her spokesman Simone Sanders left the White House in December.

Staff modifications were first reported by The Washington Post.