Harris, Secret Service Director Concerned About Monday’s Motorcade Accident


Vice President Harris and the Director of the Secret Service reportedly expressed concern about Monday’s accident involving the vehicle Harris was in after initially not providing details about the minor crash. According to the Washington Post.

A convoy was delayed in transporting Harris to the White House after a vehicle driven by a Secret Service agent crashed into the curb of a tunnel in Washington, DC, but the incident at Foggy Bottom was reported to agency overseers. The following was reportedly recorded in an electronic alert from Machine failure. ”

According to the report, Harris was examined by medical staff and determined to be unharmed, but the damage to the vehicle’s tires was so severe that the vice president was forced into another vehicle to complete his move to the White House. I had to move.

Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the accident was caused by a “minor overcorrection” when the driver hit a curb, and although initial radio traffic suggested a mechanical failure, agents later said he reported “additional relevant facts” to agency executives. After Harris is delivered to its destination.

But the incident has raised some concerns about the Secret Service’s move to withhold information in electronic alerts. I was annoyed by the lack of details in the first alert that was sent to merge.

A spokeswoman told The Post that Harris appreciates the Secret Service’s work.

The Hill has reached out to Harris’ office for comment.

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