Harvey Weinstein faces vulgar assault charges in Britain

Former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein faces two vulgar assault charges in the UK. Prosecutor’s Office (CPS) said Wednesday.

The CPS said it had allowed the Metropolitan Police Department to prosecute a 70-year-old former film mogul after reviewing evidence gathered by the military during the investigation.

The accusations were two or more assaults allegedly committed against a female plaintiff in London in August 1996.

Rosemary Ainsley, chief of the CPS Special Crimes Division, said CPS “reminds all parties that criminal proceedings against defendants are active and they are entitled to a fair trial.”

Weinstein, who co-founded the American entertainment company Miramax with his brother Bob, is a prolific film producer named after movies such as “Kill Bill,” “Good Will Hunting,” and “The Lord of the Rings.” was.

The charges against Weinstein came less than two weeks after US actor Kevin Spacey was charged with sexual assault in Britain.

On May 26, the Metropolitan Police Department announced that the 62-year-old “House of Cards” star had four counts of sexual assaults against three men and one that engaged a person in penetrating sexual activity without consent. He said he faced a count.

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