Has the legendary Beats true wireless headset appeared in Zhan Huang’s ears?

LeBron James appears to be wearing a pair of unreleased Beats earbuds

LeBron James (Instagram)

NBA Lakers Los Angeles star LeBron James LeBron James is one of Beats’ spokespersons, but he didn’t expect the relationship to be so close that he could even use unreleased products first.The latest shared on Instagram at LBJimageIn, although the content is about yesterday’s game, butTech enthusiastsOur eyes are the white true wireless headphones that fall on his ears. In the picture on the other side, you will find that the shape of the headset is very similar to the earlier computer picture of Beats Studio Buds.

In other words, when LBJ played in the Olympic basketball game in 2008, he gave each team a Beats headset, which became a hot topic. I don’t know if it will be delivered again this time. In any case, if LBJ is really wearing Beats Studio Buds, it means that the product has been prepared and it’s just about to be officially announced.

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