Hats, gloves and whips on a carriage in honor of Prince Phillip’s love for sports

Duke of Edinburgh's carriage arrives at the square before the funeral-Ian Vogler / Daily Mirror / & # xa0; PA

The Duke of Edinburgh’s driving carriage arrives at the square before his funeral-Ian Vogler / Daily Mirror / PA

Duke of Edinburgh’s hat, gloves and whip were placed and witnessed on a carriage driven towards the square of Windsor Castle. His funeral procession..

The Duke’s personal belongings were placed in the seat with the carriage driver. A tribute to his love for carriage driving..

The carriage, made of aluminum and steel, was designed by the Duke eight years ago. A front-mounted brass watch was presented to him by the Queen’s Royal Irish Hazard in 1978 to commemorate his 25th anniversary as Colonel-in-Chief.

Duke's carriage drive cap and gloves-Pixel 8000

Duke’s carriage drive cap and gloves-Pixel 8000

Duke’s two ponies, Balmoral Nevis and Notro Storm, were born in 2008. Both are endangered fell pony, and Balmoral Nevis was bred by the Queen.

A pot of red sugar lumps used to give the pony a treat after Duke got on was also placed in the seat.

Balmoral Nevis and Notro Storm in Fell Pony, and the Driving Carriage, Pause, Square-Pool via AP

Fell pony Balmoral Nevis and Notrow Storm, and the driving carriage of Prince Edinburgh pause in a square-pool via AP

The two grooms who accompanied the carriage worked with the Duke for over 16 years.

Prince Philip began the combined drive at the age of 50 and participated in the event until 2003, but he not only maintained the combined driving and time, but also continued to drive the Fell Pony team around the royal palace.

He taught sports to his daughter-in-law, Countess Wessex, and her granddaughter, Lady Louise Windsor, 17, also picked it up.

Photograph of Prince Phillip's funeral and military procession

Photograph of Prince Phillip’s funeral and military procession

Countess Wessex remembered some of the scratches she got while driving at Windsor’s house last week.

The Countess laughed, saying, “I’ve been pulled out of some of the ditches here, I think I remember.” “In the early days, yes, he had some problems,” he added to his wife “recently.”

Prince Phillip's Funeral 3

Prince Phillip’s Funeral 3

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