Hawaiian helicopter nose dived before death from crash 4

Honolulu (AP) —The National Transportation Safety Board crashed last month in Hawaii, killing all four on board a helicopter plunged 200 feet (60 meters) above the ground after a sudden stop during a shallow left turn. Was announced. ..

The Preliminary report of the institution In a crash on Kauai on February 22, U.S. Navy contractor Croman Corp. said it was using a Sikorsky S-61N helicopter to retrieve then-inert training torpedoes from the Pacific Ocean. I did.

The crew’s job was to place training torpedoes in the open sea and collect them using recovery baskets or cages. The helicopter was then expected to use the sling road, a cargo carried under the helicopter, to return the torpedoes to the nearby Pacific missile range facility.

Officials said witnesses reported that the helicopter was “almost vertical, gradually lowering its nose and first colliding with the nose.”

Later, the fire “burned much of the helicopter’s structure,” the report said.

At the time of the crash, the aircraft had returned to the weapon recovery cage area.

Two pilots and two crew members on board the helicopter died.