He called a lie in Trump’s election.It poisoned his fellow Republicans

Trump at a campaign rally on Saturday in Norton Shores, Michigan.

Former President Trump, who campaigned in Michigan in October, lost the state to Joe Biden with more than 150,000 votes. Despite his allegations, Republican-led investigations found no evidence of fraudulent voting. (The Associated Press)

For Jason Roe, returning from San Diego to Michigan was two homecomings.

Republican election strategists were born and raised in Michigan. The job after he returned, the executive secretary of the state’s GOP, was the position his father once held.

“I grew up running around the state’s Republican headquarters when I was little,” said 51-year-old Rho from his home in the suburbs of Detroit. “I’m walking in the precincts and doing it all. It’s in my DNA.”

Less than six months after getting a job, Roe suddenly resigned this week, wielding a Republican rake in Michigan and sacrificing sulfur-spitting Trump’s wings. Roe’s Attack: To be honest, The 2020 election was not stolen And President Trump-and everyone else-was responsible for his failure to win the second term.

“I haven’t talked to industry experts who believe the elections were stolen, as the former president continued to say,” Law said. “I’m not alone.”

Of course, that perception is based on what is generally known. reality..

There is an increasingly tough and loud segment of the Republican Party that believes in whatever Trump and his supporters enthusiastically claim: The riots that struck the US Capitol are just a bunch of friendly tourists in 2020. The election was full of massive fraud, the Trump defeating Joe Biden in a landslide.

It’s not as if Roe is an anti-Trump, or secret Democratic double agent.

He praises the former president’s tax cuts, his pesky position on China, and the steps his administration has taken to help accelerate the development of the COVID-19 vaccine. He believes Trump has changed the Republican Party for the better in many ways, expanding its appeal among blue-collar and less privileged voters.

In addition, Roe defends Trump-inspired movements Strengthen election law, Which is a pandemic among Republican state legislators, arguing that much of its efforts is equivalent to simply rolling back the allowances made to respond to votes in a pandemic. ..

However, Law’s unforgivable sin admitted Trump’s loss and refused to parrot his lies about widespread election theft. Even 99.44% purity (ie ivory soap purity) is not enough for Trump and his blind followers.

“”This is just the beginning of the RINO hunt, “said Michigan activist Debra El, who led the fight to expel Law, wrote on Facebook using the Republican acronym only by name. “There was no fraud,” he told the Republican president, not a Democrat. So he’s calling on our president … he basically doesn’t represent us as America First Republicans in Michigan. “

Welcome, Jason!

Roe left the state after graduating from Western Michigan University. He landed in San Diego in February 1995, but he had no work and never had one. He couldn’t see him just because he was “75 degrees, no sunlight, no humidity, no mosquitoes”.

Roe spent the next 20 years or more on Republican campaigns across the west, helping San Diego’s elections and reelections. Former Mayor Kevin Faulconer.

Jason Roe and Bill Bryant stand in a small group in the house.

Jason Lo, on the far right, with Bill Bryant, the hopeful Governor of Washington on Election Night 2016. (Ted S. Warren / Associated Press)

After all, Law, who was fed up in the direction of California going under Sacramento’s democratic rule, was “politics, living expenses, homeless.” He was also fed up with the constant annoyance of politics. “Not only maliciously between the parties, but also within the parties,” Law said.

He took a break and returned to Michigan in 2018 after his father died to help settle his property. Roe and his wife decided to return forever when California began the lockdown in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic. Roe signed the Michigan Republican Party in February.

Not all politics suddenly became a harp of all Gossamers and angels. “I knew what I was walking towards,” Rho said. “I was motivated to find a way to move the party forward, and especially because of how bad the Democratic Party was.”

Shortly after Roe settled down, a quote emerged from an article published on Politico last November.

“The unfortunate reality within the party today is that Trump holds a hold that forces the leader to continue to carry out his illusion of overturning the outcome at their own expense,” Roe said. Told. “Frankly, keeping him humorous is just an excuse for his role in this. The election wasn’t stolen, he blew it away.”

Since then, it has become clear that Roe’s lease on his party post will be short. Ell has put together state-wide Republican activists who have passed a resolution urging his expulsion. They were in Michigan, where Biden was responsible for 51% to 48%, even though a Republican-led state Senate committee thoroughly condemned Trump’s fraud allegations after an eight-month investigation. We continue to seek voting audits.

Roe refused to discuss the terms of departure, stating that the reason “remains between me and the chairman.” [Ron] Weiser. But he upheld his previous statement.

“It wasn’t the people around Donald Trump who ruined it,” Law said of the 2020 elections. “Donald Trump messed it up. People who are angry around 2020 should focus their anger on those who messed it up.”

And he suggested that if Republicans intend to regain the House of Representatives and the Senate in 2022 and the White House in 2024, they will have to overcome their sneaky idolatry.

“The reality is that if we don’t start moving forward, we’re a permanent minority, the benefits we’ve earned at the state level, the position we hold at the federal level in the House and Senate. We’re together. If you don’t act, you’ll flitter. “

Indulging in fantasy is one thing. Apart from trying to win the election. (Let’s have less governance.) Republicans who deny the truth also ignore basic political mathematics. Successful parties and political candidates do so by addition rather than subtraction.

Or, as Roe said, “Those who are loyal to Donald Trump may find that those who like Donald Trump’s agenda are not their enemies.”

Meanwhile, he hastily does not understand the next move. Roe said he hopes to enjoy the summer in Michigan more with the sudden time.

This story was originally Los Angeles Times..

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