“He can be almost everywhere.”

Brian Laundry in the desert with a policeman behind
This police camera video, provided by the Moab Police Department, shows police officers pulling a van on August 12 when they were traveling with their girlfriend Gabriel “Gabby” Petit near the entrance to Arches National Park. Shows Brian Laundry talking to. 2021. The couple was pulled while they were in an emotional fight. Petito was reported missing by his family a month later and is currently under national investigation. Moab Police Station via AP
  • The Secretary-General of the National Search and Rescue Association said insider Brian Laundry could be “almost everywhere.”

  • Laundry’s family, who reported he was missing, told police that he had gone to the Carlton Reserve.

  • According to Chris Boyer, Laundry may have lied to his parents about where he was heading.

  • Boyer added that the terrain in the area makes it difficult for police to search the Carlton Reserve.

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A search and rescue expert told the insider: Gabby Petit’s fiancĂ©, Brian Laundry, May have lied to his family about his whereabouts, and now “may be almost everywhere.”

laundry Missing since September 14th..His family, who reported he was missing on Friday, told police he had gone. Carlton ReserveA 25,000-acre nature reserve in Sarasota County, Florida.

Laundry may have lied to his family about where he was heading, according to Chris Boyer, executive secretary of the National Search and Rescue Association.

“People who try to avoid getting caught up in something sometimes use people, so he might have told his parents where he was going,” Boyer told the insider. “They may be honest with the authorities, but he lied to them.”

Boyer added that the fact that Laundry had apparently disappeared three days before his family reported his disappearance was a major challenge for law enforcement agencies.

“There are many ways he can hitchhiking or somehow find a collaborator to get him on board,” Boyer said. “He may not even be in Florida. He had eight days to run now. He could be almost anywhere.”

According to Boyer, police may be looking at Laundry’s digital footprint, trying to reach someone from their cell phone because they went missing, or a search history showing where they might go. Is also included.

Laundry has never been charged with a crime.He was Nominate interested people In the case of Petit’s missing person after returning from a cross-country road trip without her in early September. Since then, the FBI has discovered Petit’s body In Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, the method of death was initially determined to be murder.

Boyer said police would have difficulty finding him if Laundry was in the Carlton Reserve, as many of the parks were underwater and it was difficult for police to cross the area on foot. Police are likely to use boats and drones to search the reserve with a walking search team, he said.

The search for the Carlton Reserve continued on Wednesday Police bring diving team Search for an area. Boyer said diver referrals do not necessarily mean police are looking for bodies. They may also be looking for personal belongings that Laundry may have dumped in the water.

“It would be a great place to get rid of anything that might get you involved in crime,” Boyer said.

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