He fired five fights over loud music, Miami-Dade police said.Decades later he was captured


More than 20 years ago, Alejandro Cortez shot dead his neighbor at Homestead and injured four after a quarrel over loud music, police said.

Cortez was never imprisoned. Instead, he fled abroad.

However, after being arrested for 22 years, Cortez was imprisoned in Miami-Dade prison early on Friday. MexicoCortez, 59, has to wait for trial for first-class murder and four attempted murders.

He returned to Miami Dade Federal Security Officer Services Extradition unit of state lawyer.

Cortez was accused of murdering 19-year-old Alberto Del Rio on April 11, 1990, outside his home in block 1100 of the Northwest 9th Court. According to court documents, four members of the Rodriguez family between the ages of 18 and 44 were injured.

The conflict began around 2:30 am when the Rodriguez family called 911 to report loud music and the sound of being fired in the air from the porch of the house where Cortez lived. According to the arrest warrant, a Homestead police officer appeared and asked the people at home to stop the music, but none of the people on the porch could find the gun.

After the policeman left, Fidencio, one of the Rodriguez family, came home by bicycle and “argued” with Cortez. As the debate escalated, his brother Alberto Del Rio walked up to intervene, and Cortez pulled out his gun and shot and killed them, the warrant said.

According to police, when the brother’s parents rushed to help, they were shot, as were another woman in the family. Alberto Rodriguez was confirmed dead on the spot and the other family members were taken to a local hospital for emergency.

According to an arrest warrant by then-Miami-Dade murder investigator Robert Wilcox, Cortez recovered the gun from a hiding place under the mattress shortly before firing.

Court records do not yet list Cortez’s defense lawyer incarcerated at the Turner Gilford Knight Correction Center.