“He is on the right side of Trump”

California Governor Gavin Newsom Recall Bombed Talk Radio host and Republican front runner scheduled for September 14th Larry Elder As a right-wing fringe candidate than former President Donald Trump.

Newsom warned that the elder could have the authority of the governor at the state and federal levels to prioritize Democratic policy.

“He’s on the right side of Donald Trump. On the right side of Donald Trump. Don’t think for a moment that it’s at stake in this election and you can’t do any damage in that role. Think about the judges he can appoint. Who did he appoint to replace Kamala Harris in the US Senate? How does that affect the orbit of the country? This keeps the House of Representatives What does it mean for the future of the Democratic Party in our efforts to do so? “Newsam said Friday in San Francisco.

Incumbent governor becomes a democratic citizen Selectively complete The recall ballot, which will be distributed next week, will leave a blank section asking voters to choose an alternative to Newsome. Forty-six Republican candidates, including the elder, are challenging Newsom for his position as a poll favorite.

“Just vote against. You don’t have to touch the other parts. The other parts don’t matter. Don’t touch. Simple no. This is the easiest vote you’ve ever had to fill out. About the form. Just don’t vote. There are no recalls, “Newsam added.

Recently vote According to a SurveyUSA survey, 51% of voters, or those planning to participate in the call election, vote “yes” to dismiss the incumbent governor and “no” to maintain Newsom40. % Vote.

Democrat Kevin Paffrath, a YouTuber and real estate broker, currently has 27% of the votes, ahead of Elder as an alternative. The elder won 23% of the replacement votes, but has the most support from Republican voters among the 45 other options.

The elder has repeatedly blamed Newsom’s pandemic mismanagement, his long-term blockade and the strict COVID restrictions that strangled businesses, Californians, and their lives. The elder promised to revoke his vaccination or mask obligations in California if he was elected.

“This man, who I defeat on September 14, closed the state in a stricter way than any of the other 49 governors,” the elder said in a speech at the Church of San Jose. Fox news report. “Assuming there are still face mask obligations and vaccine obligations when I win, they will soon be abolished and then I will take a break for breakfast.”

“I know how difficult it is to run a business,” he continued. “Many of them never succeed. Successful people often run with very low rates of return, from salary to salary. One-third of all small businesses in California are now forever. Is gone. [Newsom] I ignored science. “

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