“He is part of the storm”

Adele is open about the deeper meaning behind the lyrics of her new album “30”.

At the ending of the seventh track on the record titled “I Drink Wine,” the superstar vocalist said, “I couldn’t make new memories with him / I just had memories in the storm.” say.

“Easyon Me” singer said The Face Magazine In an interview released Thursday, she mentioned the person she was interested in before she met her current boyfriend, sports agent Rich Paul.

“It was as if I scrambled as soon as possible to get my life back, so I could feel normal again,” Adel explained.

She said she wasn’t dating anyone at the time, saying, “There was someone I loved-I don’t love, but I love it so much that I’ve been there for years-but I can pretend I’m not. I couldn’t do it, “he added. In my own storm. “

The relationship didn’t work because Adele said, “I couldn’t give myself properly,” and both of them were “inconsistent.”

She thought it was “incorrect” to start another relationship a year after the divorce.

“Even if you feel ready, whether you leave or you leave, it’s a gaping open wound,” she said. “So it was more than this person was asking me to throw myself into it.”

The musician was “still recovering from the collapse of my marriage”, so the potential relationship went nowhere.

2019, Adele Split from her ex-husband, Simon Koneki. A pair sharing a 9-year-old son Angelo Officially divorced March.

Her song “My little love“Includes an excerpt from a conversation Adele had about separation with Angelo.

“Mom has been feeling very big lately … a little confused, and I feel like I’m not sure what I’m doing,” she tells her son.

Adele.  (Getty Images)

Adele. (Getty Images)

Adele admitted to Faith that she would link this unnamed potential partner to the collapse of her marriage.

“Therefore, he’s part of the storm,” she said.

The singer remembered thanking her for being honest because she didn’t want to end one relationship and rush into another.

“I’ve noticed a pattern that I’ve been repeating over and over since I was 16 and 17, not necessarily relationships and intimate relationships, but sometimes with friends,” she concludes. rice field.

Now Adel is dating now Rich paulHe founded the sports agency Klutch Sports Group and represents several NBA players, including his longtime friend LeBron James.

She shared an interesting story about the couple’s first date, which he claimed to be a business meeting, during her sit-in with Oprah Winfrey on CBS TV Special.Adele: Only for one night.“”

“What am I like a business talk about?” She laughed. “Then it was the first time we hang out alone and go out with friends and stuff like that. It was a very natural way. I think it’s the way people usually meet in real life. increase. “”

Adele yelled at Paul, “He’s also cheerful … and very smart. He’s very very smart. It’s great to see what he’s doing. And it’s very easy. It’s very smooth.” Added.