He killed his Kendale family to escape with another woman. He was executed tonight.

A Kennedale man who was addicted to pasta and failed to kill his relatives, but completed his job the next day when he stabbed, beaten, and burned them, was executed by a chemical injection in a Texas prison Wednesday night.

John Hummels was lethal in December 2009 in a state prison in Huntsville for murdering his pregnant wife and father-in-law, according to the Associated Press. Hummel also killed his 5-year-old daughter.

Hummel stabbed his wife Joy Hummel and used a baseball bat to beat his daughter Jody Hummel and his wheelchair-in-law father-in-law Clyde Bedford to death. Then he set fire to their house.

The prosecution said Hummel had killed the victim because he wanted to pursue a romantic relationship with a woman he met at a convenience store. Hummel fled to Oceanside, California. He confessed to the murder.

In a statement, Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney Sheane Wilson said Hummel’s crime was unconscionable and began when she tried to cut through her pregnant wife’s throat.

“The knife was so dull that she counterattacked, so he grabbed a nearby aluminum baseball bat and hit Joy’s head repeatedly with it,” Wilson wrote. “When she fell to the floor, he grabbed a decorative sword and dagger, stabbed 35 times, and killed her and her fetal daughter.

“Then he went to where his disabled father-in-law, Clyde, was sleeping and killed him with a club with a bat. Finally he went to his daughter, Jody’s bedroom. He took the bat. He used it to repeatedly hit her face and head to kill her. Clyde and Jody were so badly beaten that they could only be identified by DNA testing, “Wilson wrote.

Hummel, 45, was working as a hospital guard when he committed the murder. He was convicted of murder for the death of his father-in-law and wife.

Hummel lawyer Michael Mowla told AP that he would not make a last-minute appeal. Maura said all available legal measures had been exhausted.

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