‘He Looked Haunted’ — Homeowner Who Shot Robbery Speaks Only to Action News Jax

The homeowner who shot the man he said broke into his home spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Action News Jax on Thursday.

“He looked obsessed and acted obsessed,” recalls William Carr.

Carr says the man broke into his house Wednesday morning, threatened him, and stole $400.

The landlord was not arrested.

Carr’s wife had left for an appointment when Carr said he had entered his office.

“I opened the door about a foot and I saw a man standing there. He has my rifle… BB rifle – he was standing there with his rifle and he is pointing at me, trying to set the clock… I slam the door quickly, so I’m thinking, “Oh, Tina is out fixing the car.” So I ran through the kitchen, grabbed my knife and headed out the door. By the time I walked out the door, he was already at the mailbox. “

Worried about his neighbors, Carr says he followed the man down the street.

“I have a neighbor with a small child. The woman across the street is kind of old,” Carr said.

At that point, the police were there. Carr remembered pointing them in the direction of the man. Afterwards, Kerr figured the man would continue on his way so as not to hurt anyone, he said.

“There’s a privacy fence on that lot. Well, I drove a little bit, saw him, and he broke part of this privacy fence.” Carr recalled saying. “When he gets up, he has this big stick. It’s probably about three or four inches long and about three feet. And he swings the stick around and I jump back… I I had a gun, and a police officer was driving down the street at the time, and I waved at him and said, “He’s here!” Still he tried to escape. “

Another neighbor who saw the man before he entered Carr’s house also called 911. He told Action News Jax that he gave the man shorts, water and food before calling 911.

“He got stuck on something. He was totally dirty,” Carr said. “When he tried to shove me in there, he was like, ‘Wow! Woo! And even when he was swinging his stick, he was like, “Wow!” And his eyes were like golf balls. “

Police questioned Carr on Wednesday and released him later that night.

Action News’ Jax Law and safety expert Dale Carson spoke about whether the homeowner could face charges.

“If you’re facing fear of imminent death or serious physical harm, you can probably protect yourself and claim self-defense,” Carson said.

Carson says the self-defense claim is difficult to prove.

“My advice is don’t chase people out of your home. Call law enforcement and let them take control of it. It’s because of the nature of it,” Carson added.

Carr said he would have gladly handed him the $400 the man stole and wished the man had just asked for help. I say I’m in.

“I wish him the best. I don’t wish him anything bad,” Kerr said. “It was a traumatic situation for both of us.”

On Wednesday, investigators said the man Carr shot was in surgery. Action News Jax is still working to ascertain the man’s condition.


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