Health and Welfare Rely on New Mine for Financing: Deputy Prime Minister of Australia

When Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce voted in the ballot box on May 21, he cautioned voters to remember where the funds for health and welfare came from.

Whichever party wins the next federal election, you can determine if there are at least three coal mines in Queensland.

Many voters’ election campaigns revolve around renewable energies, using fossil fuels as a new wave of independent candidates targets coalition members seeking more decisive action on reducing carbon emissions. It has been canceled.

The Greens also want to win some new Senate seats by promoting more environmental policies with ambitious goals.

The deputy prime minister expressed support for further coal development and said the coalition government would invest in what would bring profits to the economy.

“Medicare and social security must be paid” He told Seven Network April 18th.

“We are brave enough to say that we are making it from iron, coal and gas. And if we lose sight of it, we are a very important and important economy for this country. I’m not making enough money to support all of my social and social infrastructure. “

Epoch Times Photo
This photo shows a conveyor bridge dumping soil and sand removed in another area of ​​the singleton town coal mine on November 5, 2021 in Newcastle, Australia. (SaeedKhan / AFP via Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Labor frontbencher Tanya Privasck said her party is ready to discuss economic management with the coalition.

“This is the government that actually doubled the debt before the COVID-19 hit,” she said.

“The Morrison and Howard governments are the two most taxable governments in the last three decades.”

In addition, she said, the coalition government admitted that it intentionally kept wages low while controlling the economy.

“We want to get rid of that (living cost) burden to ensure that they have a good job and salary, cheaper childcare, cheaper medical care and an easier life,” says Preversk. I did.

At the same time, Green Party leader Adam Band said an important test for the next government would be how to deal with three new coal mines in the Galilee basin of Queensland.

“When opening a new mine, we’re not serious about the climate.” He said..

As a related development, when talking to Sky News reporter Andrea Closers recently, Joyce emphasized that the threat from China is a more important issue for Australia than the Net Zero debate.

He also said that investing in projects to grow the economy is important to the country’s national security.

“The difference is that we can ensure that we get investment and infrastructure, draw more wealth, grow more wealth, develop more wealth and produce more wealth for what we need. To do, “he said. Report by Sky News April 15th.

Meanwhile, the pre-election economic and financial outlook will be published by the Treasury in the week beginning April 18, providing independent up-to-date economic and budget information for the public to consider before the election day.

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