Health experts say Omicron is heading for a sharp dip, most Americans will be infected, everyone is confused

Dr. Janet Woodcock

Dr. Janet Woodcock Chip Somode Villa / Getty Images

There is good and bad news about this Omicron stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, but much of it is based on knowledge-based speculation, and the good and the bad are often ambiguous. A little good news, Associated Press Report, “Scientists are seeing a signal that the alarming Omicron wave of COVID-19 may have peaked in the UK and is trying to do the same in the US. At that point, the case is dramatic. May begin to decline. “

“It will go down as fast as it goes up.” Arimokudad saysA professor of health metric science at the University of Washington, his influential model predicts that by January 19, the number of cases per day will reach 1.2 million and then begin to plummet.

“I find it difficult to handle what’s really happening right now.” Deputy FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock told the Senate panel On Tuesday, “This is Most people get infected with COVID“People should strive to avoid infection, but the current social priorities are to” ensure that hospitals continue to function “and” other important services that this variant dominates the population. ” Is to protect. I don’t think it will last really long. “

Where we are now The Wall Street Journal ReportIs a record high for COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations, but well below the peak ICU occupancy and mortality.

Lauren Ancel Meyers predicts that cases reported by the University of Texas COVID-19 Modeling Consortium will peak within a week, “many people are still infected when going down the back slope.” It states. To tell AP.. “At the end of this wave, far more people will be infected with some variant of COVID,” she added, “Omicron is a much more manageable disease from a catastrophic global threat.” It may be time to move to. “.”

Or, Ansel Myers says a variant worse than Omicron could attack next.

“As Americans plunge into the third winter of virus dissatisfaction” Washington post Report, “A strange unification of general confusion emerges that cannot decipher conflicting advice and conflicting guidelines from government, science, health, the media, and other agencies.” For example. Position “We look forward to alternating rebellious voices in both liberal and conservative media, approaching the end of the pandemic,” he said. And many Americans coordinate confusing messages and do their best to do what they can.

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