Health system is wary of COVID-19 vaccine for fear of losing staff

NSHealthcare providers are hesitant to require workers to be vaccinated with COVID-19 as a condition of employment and fear that the mission can lead to the resignation of staff that they cannot afford to lose.

“”[Hospitals] By disseminating COVID-19 through unvaccinated clinicians, we are striving to strike a balance between caring for patients and not contributing to the pandemic, “said Audreka, a national dialysis staff agency. President Pozzoli said. “Hospitals that require vaccination and may dismiss employees who refuse to vaccinate may find that they are understaffed. This is staff burnout and a qualified clinician. Will lead to further reductions. “

Thousands of counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination cards seized by CBP in Alaska

The rapid increase in infections and the wave of new hospitalizations with delta variants are putting more and more pressure on hospital systems and other medical facilities to ensure that staff are vaccinated before interacting with patients. increase. Healthcare providers are generally keen to get shots, but about 27% had not yet been vaccinated in July. according to To study from the COVID States Project, a collaborative effort by researchers from Northeastern University, Harvard University, Northwestern University, and Rutgers University.

Mandatory vaccines in hospitals have already proven to be controversial among employees. For example, the Houston Methodist Hospital, which established a vaccination obligation for workers on April 1. Finished Alternatively, it accepted the resignation of 153 workers who refused to fire by the June 7 deadline.

Over 100 nurses Submission A lawsuit alleging that the hospital treated the worker like a “guinea pig” mandated a vaccine that had not yet been fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration.Federal Judge Lynn Hughes in Southern Texas Dismissal In this case, calling the controversial vaccine is dangerous “fake” and “irrelevant.”

The vaccine has been scrutinized for safety and efficacy and will be approved by the federal government in the coming months.

Whole country Shortage of nurses The pre-pandemic situation is clearly worsening as the workforce shrinks due to increased retirement and resignation associated with stress in the last 17 months. In workplaces that rely on nurses specializing in specific medical areas, such as the treatment of kidney disease, resignations can surge in response to orders, and employers are in a hurry to hire qualified staff. I will struggle.

“You can’t take a nurse in the emergency room to relocate to a dialysis clinic, but you can take a nurse in the emergency room to relocate to another location in the hospital,” said Joseph, Chief Medical. A. Dr. Vasarotti said. An officer of the National Kidney Foundation. “Mandating [vaccines] This is just a strategy and must be decided individually, whether it helps or not. “

Meanwhile, nursing home staff also need to be vaccinated to continue working.President Joe Biden declared on Wednesday: Unless it’s a nursing home Mandating vaccinations causes them to lose Medicare and Medicaid funding.

Many long-term care facilities, including nursing homes, have already imposed vaccination obligations on staff. However, the American Health Care Association, a nursing home industry group, insisted this week: All healthcare providers Employees should be subject to the same requirements. Otherwise, the group said workers who hesitated to vaccinate would leave for other jobs.

“Focusing only on nursing homes, vaccine-hating workers will flee to other health care providers and leave many centers that do not have enough staff to care for their inhabitants. It is already a difficult task. It will exacerbate the lack of power, “said Mark Parkinson, CEO of AHCA.

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Still, vaccination of nursing home staff still lags behind the industry’s goal of having 75% of healthcare staff take shots. according to For tracking from AARP. Approximately 60% of nursing home staff are fully vaccinated, and the COVID-19 delta mutation makes residents (including vaccinated people) more susceptible to infection.

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