Hearing in lawsuit over blame of Virginia Senator

Richmond, Virginia (AP) — A federal judge will hear a debate Thursday about whether to dismiss the proceedings from Virginia’s conservative Amanda Chase over her decision to blame the Virginia Senator for her decision.

Republican governor candidate Chase filed a proceeding in February, a few days after his colleague. Passed the blame resolution In a bipartisan vote, she accused her of “unacceptable patterns of conduct.”

Chase has been accused of expressing support for those who participated in the US Capitol raid. She herself attended the rally shortly before the attack on the Capitol, but she was not part of a group that later attacked the building. Chase also previously sought martial law to overturn the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

Senator Susan Clark Shar and Virginia Senator through Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax were nominated as plaintiffs in the Chase case.

Attorney General Mark Herring’s office defended them and asked the judge to file a proceeding. His office requires the court to declare that Schaar and Fairfax are unaffected by the proceedings and that Chase’s allegations are “unjustified political issues” and are not decided by the court.

Chase argues in court documents that the issue in court is not whether the Senate has the power to blame her, but whether the Senate has complied with its own rules.

“Plaintiffs … determine whether the Senate’s compulsory autonomy rules have been complied with or simply circumvented to explain the consequences in favor of the plaintiff’s majority and extreme prejudice and her right to due process. I’m asking the court to do it. Basic fairness. “

Neither party will call witnesses at the hearing on Thursday, according to court documents filed in the proceedings.

A condemnation resolution passed with 24-9 votes, Chase said, “Ignoring politeness in discourse with colleagues and making false and misleading statements in both the Commission and the Senate, Senator during his term. He showed behavior that was not appropriate for him. ” It’s the Senate floor, showing that she’s ignoring the importance of her obligations to federal citizens as representatives elected by the Virginia Senate. “

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