Heart-warming parenting advice from a woman with Alzheimer’s disease leaves The four moms were stunned


Katie Wood has spent nearly a decade in the summer, taking her four children to Cornfield Point in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. She didn’t expect a single trip to the sea this year to change her overall view of parenting.

Four Boston-based mothers have seen the same woman move back and forth between the beaches each year.

“Her name is Donna and she has Alzheimer’s disease,” Wood, 40, told TODAY Parents. “I’ve met her before, but she doesn’t remember any of us. The community is watching her. She’s her perfect lover.”

Wood watched the kids play by the water earlier this month as Donna approached.

“She came to me and said,’Would you like me to take me to the water?'” Wood said, and her first reaction was that she didn’t want to get wet. Added. “But everything in me was like getting into the water.”

The pair stepped into the sea and Donna shared details about her childhood and why she was drawn to the water.

“(Donna) comes to the beach for her peace,” Wood said today.

When Wood asked Donna for “the best advice for her mom,” Donna’s reaction left an impression.

“She looked around the children and said,’The best thing we can do as a mom is just to make memories,'” Wood shared. “It was very simple, but very powerful.”

Wood, who was on the beach with his sister Erin Connor, said he was also a mother of four and his emotions came at the right time.

“My sister and I are sometimes so overwhelmed that when I hear the comments of someone who has lived my life, I feel that it’s very right to relieve the pressure and just make memories …” Wood said. She often gets caught up in “overdoing” as a mom, adding that she feels like her.

Connor captured the interaction and Wood shared it on social media.

“When this adorable woman approaches me on the beach and asks if I swim with her …⁣,” she captioned the photo. She “ignores the fact that the water is cold.⁣ Ignores her feelings of” I don’t want to get wet. ” ⁣ Ignore jellyfish. ⁣ Then enter. “

“When she says it’s so great,” Wood said today about her talk with Donna. “That’s what I needed to hear.”