“Heavy chest” Priest Lexington pays for funeral expenses for five people who died in the I-75 accident

The Lexington priest voluntarily offered to pay for the funeral. 6 people died in an accident Involvement of the reverse driver on I-75.

Father Jim Sichko, a priest of the Lexington parish and a “pope of mercy” commissioned by Pope Francis, paid for the funeral of four children and one woman who died in the crash on Saturday. He told Herald Leader on Monday while the first responder was still on the scene.

“I happened to be traveling that road that day,” he said. “I happened to be on the interstate highway and encountered this accident. I stopped, parked my car and just started praying.”

The accident killed two-year-old Jack Green, five-year-old Braden Boxwell, nine-year-old Carmen Green, 11-year-old Santana Green, 30-year-old Catherine Green, and all six 38-year-olds. .. -Year old Jamaican Cordill. According to video and police, Cordele was heading south on I-75 North when it crashed into a green car.

According to the obituary, Jack, Braden, Carmen, Santana, and Catherine were all from Owenton. Carmen died at the crash site, according to the Fayette County Autopsy Department. The rest were taken to the University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital, where they died.

“I immediately told myself …’I’m going to help this family,'” Sichiko said.

Sichiko said he called the funeral director. Sichiko also wanted to help Cordill’s family, but no one had responded yet.

“It weighed very heavily on my mind,” said Sichiko. “In the last few days, I’ve noticed that I’m depressed. I’ve noticed that I have doubts about myself — I’ve noticed that I’m relived the image. It’s not in my mind that the firefighters are pulling out of the car and just shaking their heads. “

Sichiko said he hadn’t talked to anyone in the Green family as of Monday morning. Instead, he handled the costs directly with the funeral company to ease the burden on his family. He said he would meet or attend the funeral only if the bereaved family wished.

“This is a very private time for the family,” he said. Sichiko volunteered to pay for funeral expenses in central Kentucky and elsewhere.

Family has I shared a GoFundMe page For the Greens who admitted on social media that the funeral expenses were paid. However, according to the GoFundMe page, the family did not have life insurance. The money collected will be used for daily living expenses until the family returns to work.

“This will be the most difficult time they have to face in life,” page organizers Elizabeth and Chantera Diane wrote in a GoFundMe post.

This page has raised over $ 12,000 by 9:30 am on Monday.

According to McDonald’s and New Funeral Home, family funeral arrangements were not finalized as of Monday. More information was scheduled to be provided on Monday afternoon. Donations and flower arrangements You can send it through the funeral company.

Update: Lexington I-75 crash kills 2 adults and 4 children

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