Heavy rain causes rivers to swell, causing flooding in much of Thailand


BANGKOK — Heavy rains in northern, northeastern and central Thailand exacerbated severe flooding in many parts of the country on Monday. Authorities have ordered water from a full dam to be released into an already overflowing river.

When the remnants of Tropical Storm Noru, which hit the Philippines and Vietnam, hit parts of the country last week, many areas were already flooded by seasonal monsoon rains.

Among the flood-hit areas were Chiang Mai, a northern metropolis and tourist center, and Sukhothai, an ancient city and ruins that attracts many tourists.

The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation reported that the floods affected at least 45,000 households in 35 states.

In Chiang Mai, provincial disaster officials warned people with homes near the Ping River to move their property to higher ground, even though some areas were already flooded.

Authorities also issued an emergency flood warning to residents of Sukhothai, Phitsanulok and Phichit in the north-central region after the Yom River flooded its banks.

In Ubon Ratchathani in the northeast, more than 7,000 people were moved to 60 shelters as rescue workers waded through waist-high water to help evacuate residents after the Moon River flooded.

In Nonthaburi Province, just north of Bangkok, provincial authorities have built a flood barrier with more than 300,000 container bags along some 10 kilometers (6 miles) of the Chao Phraya River to prevent floods from reaching key areas. , Thailand’s PBS Public Television reported. that website.

Associated Press