‘Hell of Fear.’ New Zealand video show shows shark jumping on boat, stunning fisherman

A video show stunned a group of New Zealand fishermen when a shark jumped on a boat.

Ryan Churches, owner of Churchy’s Charter NZ, Whitianga The captain told the New Zealand Herald on Saturday, 5 November. Something caught the fishermen’s bait and they started fighting the creature.

After a while, “we were overwhelmed with tremendous fear,” Churches told the New Zealand Herald.

a mako shark The shark landed with a loud roar, rampaging wildly and crashing into the window, frightening the fishermen behind the glass.

Churchy’s Charter shared a video of their “crazy moment” on Sunday, November 6th on Facebook.

The shark was about eight feet long and weighed about 330 pounds, Churches told the New Zealand Herald. As they struggled to get back into the water, the fishermen became increasingly concerned that they might need help releasing the shark.

After a few minutes of thrashing, shark Staff reportedly managed to wiggle the body back into the water.

mako shark According to Oceana, they are considered “aggressive predators” known to leap out of the water to extreme heights when hunting. This species is the fastest shark and he is one of the fastest fish. Mako sharks can reach 12 feet long and weigh 1,200 pounds.

Whitianga is about 110 kilometers east of Auckland in New Zealand’s North Island.

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