Helmets with missing Seacor Power crew members will be washed away 600 miles away.

Personal belongings Missing Seacor Power crew It was launched on the Texas coast on Friday afternoon, reports several media outlets.

Hard hat Believed to belong to Dylan Duspit A lifeguard in Port Aranthus, about 600 miles from a commercial liftboat capsized off the coast of Louisiana last month, was found on the beach, KLFY reported.

According to KATC, the hat was named “Daspit”.

McClatchy News has contacted the US Coast Guard on Friday and is waiting for a response.

In a Facebook video, Ronnie Adams of the History Channel show “Swamp People” also reported that a helmet was found in Texas, but “waiting to see if it’s actually a Dylan helmet.” Adams and others have helped search efforts.

Daspit 7 crew members have not yet been described McClatchy News has reported since the boat accident on April 13. Six men were rescued and six more were confirmed dead after a 129-foot liftboat struck stormy water and descended near Port Forcheon, Louisiana. At that time, 19 crew members were on board.

Duspit’s father, Scott Duspit, Volunteers to support search and rescue operations In the early stages.

“Dylan is my eldest son, a good son. He has the spirit to accomplish that, but I want to know. If he’s on the water, I’ll find him,” Duspit said at the time. -Tell TV.

This is a developing story.