Here’s what you need to know in North Carolina on July 1st:

We are tracking the latest information about coronaviruses and vaccines in North Carolina. Check for updates.

13 additional deaths reported

At least 1,013,689 people in North Carolina Coronavirus positive According to state health officials, 13,437 people have died since March 2020.

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services reported 208 New COVID-19 cases Wednesday was down from Tuesday’s 274.

Thirteen Additional coronavirus-related deaths Reported on Wednesday. Deaths do not always occur on the day the state reports death. The State Department of Health will revise daily figures as more information becomes available.

As of Wednesday, at least 393 people were hospitalized for coronavirus, up from 384 the day before.

As of Monday (latest date available), 2.7% of coronavirus tests were reported positive. Health officials say the target rate for delaying the spread of the virus is less than 5%.

About 56% of North Carolina adults are vaccinated at least once with the coronavirus vaccine, and about 53% are fully vaccinated. State health officials round the vaccination number to the nearest integer.

Mecklenburg residents still need to carry masks, officials say

Gibby Harris, director of public health in Mecklenburg County, said residents You should always carry a mask — Especially because the number of cases of Delta variants continues to increase.

Harris said that Charlotte Observers who have not been vaccinated with COVID-19 should always wear masks. However, vaccinated individuals do not need masks, she said.

Authorities are unaware of the proportion of new cases caused by North Carolina variants. But Harris said it was unreasonable to think that it didn’t exist in the state.

“My recommendation to people is not to leave the house without a mask,” Harris said.

Local experts believe in delta variants Become the dominant stock An analysis of the North Carolina coronavirus, Charlotte Observer reported.

Science group says masks protect students

Two reports by ABC Science Collaborative facilitate Continue to wear masks at school Until more students are vaccinated.

“Science clearly shows that masking is an effective strategy to prevent school infections when COVID-19 is endemic and when vaccination is not yet available to all children. “, Said Dr. Kanecia Zimmerman, Co-Chair of ABC Science Collaborative. Said in a statement on Wednesday.

This group is a partnership between Duke University and the University of North Carolina at UNC Chapel Hill, which advises schools on how to deal with pandemics.

The report was issued in the same way that the North Carolina Senate plans to vote on a law ending the Governor’s state-wide mask mandate requiring face covering at school. The bill has already been approved by the House of Representatives, allowing public and private schools to make masks an option during the next academic year.

Passengers warned about busy holiday weekends

Airlines are urging people to go Charlotte Douglas International Airport Earlier than usual if they plan to travel on July 4th.

American Airlines expects long lines this weekend, so passengers will board the security line three hours earlier, Charlotte Observer reported Wednesday.

The airport is expected to be congested last year as COVID-19 reduced traffic. According to the data, the number of passengers in May exceeded 2 million, up from 499,000 in May 2020.

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