Here’s what you need to know in South Carolina on April 3rd:

We are tracking the latest information about South Carolina coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccine. Check for updates.

Over 600 new cases reported

At least 466,318 people Positive coronavirus test in South Carolina According to state health officials, 8,092 people have died since March 2020.

On Friday, the SC Health and Environment Administration reported 683 new COVID-19 cases from 510 reported the day before.

Seven coronavirus-related deaths and three “potential” deaths were also reported on Friday.

As of Friday, at least 470 people were hospitalized with the coronavirus and it was reported that there were 116 patients in the ICU.

As of Friday, 3.9% of the COVID-19 tests were reported positive. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, less than 5% means a low level of community spread.

Over 1.9 million people COVID-19 vaccine dose It is being administered in South Carolina, and as of Wednesday, more than 723,000 people in the state had “completed vaccination” and new data for the final day were reported.

South Carolina Republicans Oppose “Vaccine Passports”

South Carolina Do not accept “vaccine passport”“Governor Henry McMaster said the feelings shared by most Republican lawmakers in the state.

The idea of ​​requiring US residents to carry documents certifying that they have been vaccinated with COVID-19 for travel is “not an American,” McMaster said in a tweet.

On Friday, five of South Carolina’s six Republicans signed a letter in support of McMaster’s view, stating that there were “grave concerns” about vaccine passports.

“Today, we ask you to do everything under the law to prohibit you from being required by your power to have a’vaccine passport’entering our beautiful state and having fun moving. I will do it, “read the letter.

The Biden administration is working to establish standards for demonstrating that residents have been vaccinated, but the White House states that the Federal Government’s requirements for Americans to obtain such documents are It states that it is not.

Despite those promises, many Republicans continue to oppose vaccine passports or similar concepts.

2,000 SC teachers fully vaccinated at the mask clinic

The teacher who first obtained the COVID-19 vaccine under Phase 1b in South Carolina last month returned to the Darlington Raceway. Mass vaccination clinic for second shot Thursday, according to Sun News.

A clinic hosted by MacLeod Health estimates that nearly 2,000 teachers have been vaccinated since the state gave permission to start vaccination of educators early.

Officials said most were from Florence School District 1 and were lined up for a second dose of the Moderna vaccine.

Will McLeod, director of the McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence, said: “I think everything we can do to get our children back to school to get back to normal life is great.”

Raises restored for Beaufort County School staff

Beaufort County employees finally after a coronavirus budget freeze Annual salary increase has recovered, Island Packet reported.

Teachers and staff will also receive repayments for salary increases that were canceled due to last year’s pandemic.

The Beaufort County Council will make a final decision on the school district’s budget in June.