Herschel Walker’s Embarrassing Senate Bid

Herschel Walker.

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There certainly seems to be some political benefit to Donald Trump happening to be one of the few blacks he likes. After months of speculation and a public request from the former president, Herschel Walker submitted the paperwork on Tuesday. Candidate for the Georgia Senate..

Former NFL star Heisman Trophy winner will join the crowded Republican territory trying to leave Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock in 2022, but given the Republican state, Walker will help Trump. Have a lot of what you need for.As Charles Brock, Professor of Political Science, University of Georgia Explain to NS Associated Press, “If he tells them they need to go out and vote for Herschel Walker, that’s the strongest support he can get.”

Mr. Trump made fun of Senator Walker’s bid in June. Trump said During a radio interview with Clay Travis and Back Sexton Show.. “He’s a great person. He’s a patriot. He’s a very loyal person. They love him in Georgia, I’ll tell you.”

Trump’s assumption that a famous black soccer player is an immediate competition with Warnock is both ridiculous and racist. Walker may be willing to pawn, but it’s not too embarrassing for this political stunt and doesn’t favor Senator Warnock’s re-election bid.

Trump himself is certainly not a political scientist, but the political instincts of well-known advertisers cannot be ignored. It somehow stumbled upon the president and probably almost overthrew American democracy in a single presidential term.

“I think he will win,” Trump declared. “I think it’s very difficult to beat Herschel.”

There are several Republican senators who share that opinion.Senator Lindsey Graham Insisted Politico In late July: “He represents Georgia more than Warnock, is conservative to people’s money, financially and socially conservative. He is a successful, struggling, real person.”

Others who are less personally obsessed with what Trump says at a particular moment have expressed concern, especially given some controversial details from Walker’s past.For example, Walker Dissociative identity disorder..It’s not saying someone who is struggling Mental illness You can’t find a public office, but Walker Blame by His ex-wife, who has threatened multiple murders, needs to tackle this violence and publicly unstable The behavior he attributed to his disability.It’s unclear if Walker can really handle that level Scrutiny..

Republican Senator John Cornyn said, “Obviously some of them are pretty bad. Physical abuse and gun attraction to my wife.” I want to win the race, and he’s unlikely to do it. As long as I have a disability in some of these things, I hope there is someone else. “

Walker is also plagued by other, more recent controversies: his current wife investigating Because there is a possibility of voting illegally. In addition, Walker was asked about some of his oversized claims about business success.Walker advertised that his company employs hundreds of workers and has annual sales of over $ 70 million, but later report When I applied for a loan for the Federal Paycheck Protection Program last year, I had only eight employees. And in a recent proceeding, Walker said his company made an average of about $ 1.5 million a year from 2008 to 2017.

Like all celebrities who challenge politics, Walker says his decision to do is not rooted in vanity or ego, but in deep fear of the country. “Our country is at a crossroads,” Walker said. Said in a statement released Wednesday, “And I can’t sit on the sidelines anymore.” Walker Also declared “America is the greatest country in the world, but too many politicians in Washington are afraid to say it.” And “I’ve lived the American dream, but it slips for many. I’m afraid it’s down, “Walker said,” supporting conservative values ​​”when elected to the US Senator.”

However, it is unclear what Walker really believes beyond political loyalty and presumed obedience to Trump.Of course, this did not stop or stop Trump’s own political advantage. I know I’m sorry about being a U.S. Senator Stop being alone after former football coach Tommy Tuberville has been anointed with Trump. Still, it is a mistake to think that Walker can easily reproduce these successes.

Walker’s celebrity, along with Trump’s support, will appeal to white Republicans and, more importantly, black Democrats enough to expel Warnock in the GOP’s efforts to regain control of the Senate. Guess. Such an idea may make sense for Trump, but it is by no means convincing.After all, this is mainly the man who described a country with a large black population as follows: “Country of shit” And in his first presidential election, he asked the infamous black voter candidate. “What on earth do I need to lose?”

One of the reasons former Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler failed in his campaign against Warnock is that it’s harder than it looks to identify a preacher as a villain when it comes to political outsiders.That’s why Warnock won both Overwhelming share of black votes When Peeled off some Republican voters While he was in it.Voters didn’t fall into Leffler’s terrifying black man Warnock caricature Because they are less likely to be deceived.

If Trump thinks all he needs to do to defeat the first black man to represent Georgia as a U.S. senator is to nominate a famous black man, he prepares Republicans to recapture the senator. I’m not doing it, I’m preparing for failure.

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