Herschel Walker’s empty campaign calendar raises concerns among Georgian Republicans


Herschel Walker is a favorite of Georgia’s Republican Senate nominations, despite the rocky rollout to his 2022 campaign that has upset some party activists.

The first candidate for a former professional soccer player announced the long-awaited Senate campaign on August 25, since which he has not held public events and Walker has not allowed media interviews. The Walker campaign said the candidate respected the speech promises and other promises that had been made before the Senate bid began, and that political activity was underway. However, while some Georgia Republicans are happy with Walker’s digital messaging and outreach, they are becoming impatient.

“Traditionally, people announce the state and then burnstorm. He seems to have returned to the comfort of his war room,” he said.

The Walker campaign has seen newly created politicians since it began bidding in the Senate, stating that a swing is taking place across Georgia to meet voters in a text message exchange with the Washington Examiner on Friday. I disagree with the idea that I’m not in touch.

“It’s been a week since Herschel entered the race and he’s honored to talk to hundreds of Georgians. Walker campaign spokesman Mallory Brandt said candidate Labor Day weekend. He didn’t elaborate on his itinerary, but said he would meet thousands more this weekend. “In the coming weeks, Herschel will be conducting a listening tour to take him to every corner of the state. “

Herschel Walker spurs Trump’s efforts to expel Brian Kemp

Walker, 59, who has lived in Texas for the past few years, was hired by his longtime personal friend, former President Donald Trump, to challenge Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock.

On Thursday, Trump officially announced his support, and Walker hurriedly declared that he was “a friend, a patriot, and a good American who would be a great US Senator.” The former president never stopped fighting Walker’s past mental illness. This is a topic that the candidate has spoken openly and openly. Trump also saw in the past the old claims of harassment brought to Walker by multiple women.

A new accusation of stalking many years ago was leveled against Walker by a woman who is said to be a friend of her ex-wife. report Thursday by CNN.

Such developments would raise questions about the feasibility of candidates and force voters and party insiders to reassess their support. But this latest accusation against Walker is consistent with his already known past episodes. Indeed, Walker proactively reveals some examples of annoying interactions with women from several years ago as part of an effort to discuss how to overcome the fight against mental illness. bottom.

As a result, fresh reports of additional claims from the past do not appear to have shaken confidence in Walker or raised questions about his feasibility in primary.

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In essence, Republicans say these issues have already been incorporated into the price of Walker’s approval and have not been interpreted as taking the Senate campaign off course. But there is potential anxiety among Republicans that Walker could run into problems with Warnock in the general election when Democrats ensure he uses his past treatment of women. I have.

“When I ask the consulting class, I think he’s okay if he limits the availability of the press,” said a Republican operative in Georgia politics. “But that definitely makes the general election difficult.”

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