High school planning strike after Asian students targeted by racist messages

Centennial High School and others in its community planned a strike on Monday to combat racism in anti-Asia after sharing a screenshot of a student’s racist text received in a group chat. .. In an Instagram post, student Elaina Yang has decided to reveal the racism she has experienced in Minneapolis schools for many years. WCCO..

“I want to be aware of this situation and how the harassment and racial slurs that are prevalent in 100th anniversary high school are happening.” Elaina wrote. “I’m doing this because I know others are experiencing this. I hope others who see it will make a difference to us.” In some screenshots, Elaina’s classmates called her “ch * nk” and told her father to return to Hong Kong and take the whole family.Annayan, the student’s mother, explained the message as follows: “Absolutely disgusting, sad.”

The incident caught the attention of the local school district ISD12. It has already investigated the problem in the statement, “Appropriate disciplinary action has been taken.”“The Centennial School District condemns all kinds of hatred and racism and takes appropriate action in all situations.” Read the statement. “We have worked with stakeholders to create a better environment for all students through fair efforts. We are aware that there are still issues and these issues. We promise to work with stakeholders and the community on plans to ensure that Desi Hennagir, a recent graduate of Centennial High School, said she was very angry with Elaina’s experience and offered to help organize a strike on Monday. However, a new statement from the school district banned non-students from attending. “You may have heard of an outdoor event that was scheduled for Monday morning. Now it’s the sit-ins of students, graduates, and parents that have grown to include the general public. It was our understanding. “ Statement posted by KARE11 Gia Vang, Read. “It is impossible to maintain a safe environment for students to hold events outdoors because we know the plans for the general public to participate. Schools have a space where only Centennial students can meet on Monday. Provided within. The general public cannot enter our school. “

School also follow COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) A protocol for ensuring the safety of students, staff and families in a pandemic. In an Instagram highlight entitled “My Apology,” Elina also posted by the same student who accused her of past racist and homophobic messages as racist. After being done, I apologized. NextShark could not see these messages because the student’s account was deleted.

“I’m really sorry. These are so old that I changed my way. My friends I was hanging out always talked like this and made it look normal against my race. One of the “I” saying n words wasn’t me, ik it wasn’t me. I don’t talk that way, and I’m very sorry. “ She wrote.

Feature image via @ elaina.yang, WCCO

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